Alex Tucker

12 Majestic Photos of Genetic Masterpieces We Don’t See Every Day

Genes contain a lot of information regarding human physical characteristics, DNA structure which determines the development and functioning of the body. Occasionally genetic abnormalities happen which is yet to be explained by scientists. However there are many people whose genes turned the tables and resulted in the composition of surviving …

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8 Signs You’ve Found Your Soulmate

Who knows where is he, who knows where she is? The one who comes in my dreams and teases me. Movies have made us believe in soulmates. We don’t know where, how and when we will meet our soulmate. But here are eight signs that will help you to find …

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Lavender From Matilda Has Grown Up To Be Gorgeous – Video

Kiami Davael, who played Lavender in Matilda, has just celebrated her 30th birthday on Monday. The awe-inspiring youngster became a style icon in the 90s thanks to her outlandish glasses, floral dresses, and cool braids. Her laugh-out-loud moment when she put a salamander in Ms. Trunchball’s water glass is still …

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