‘He’s Still Alive’: New Image Of Tupac Surfaces, Leaving Fans To Believe The Rapper Is Alive Once Again – Video

One of the most beloved rappers, Tupac Shakur’s life was taken by discharging wounds suffered in a Las Vegas drive-by incident in the year 1996. He was sitting in the passenger’s seat and the BMW car was driven by Suge Knight. Tupac was an enduring personality in pop culture at that time and rumors of his life loss being faked started circulating.

In 1994 he survived a similar incident and so people thought he would pull through again.

Suge Knight strongly believes that Tupac is alive and he passed this on to his son Surge Jacob Knight Jr. Jacob took it to social media and posted a picture of a man in a red bandana who has a striking resemblance with the rapper Tupac. Jacob believed that Tupac is still alive and is living in Malaysia. He also added that the Illuminati had suppressed Tupac from speaking out. During an interview with Yahoo, he opened up about his beliefs and why he created the post online. “The whole world stopped when I said it.

I got 200 thousand followers in a day. Pretty much the reason I did it, there’s a purpose for it. There is a really good note of why I did it.” He stated that the answers would be revealed in his VH1 series Love & Listings but he never elaborated on whether he was telling the truth or not. In 2020, a local Las Vegas tried to prove that Tupac was alive and his living in Mexico through the RollingStone Magazine story. Rick Boss states that Tupac escaped from the medical center in Vegas and moved to Mexico. Then he sought the help of the Navajo tribe to cross the border. He also added that Tupac has already planned his life so he faked a body in his car to escape. Boss said he receive this message from Tupac’s family and friends and is convinced that it is true.

Rick Boss’s father was part of the Black Panther movie along with Tupac’s mother.

The actor didn’t believe the news and so he stick with the movie because he wanted to be part of Tupac’s legacy. Tupac’s former bodyguard, Michael Nice also believes that the rapper faked his life loss. In 2018 nice is so convinced that Tupac faked his own life and returned after a year to prove it was possible.

Nice states that with the help of Fidel Castro Tupac faked his passing and snuck to Cuba. He recalled a moment when Tupac expresses his interest in faking his passing during their trip to Maui. He states that Tupac themed his last video himself, and referred to it as “I Ain’t Mad at Cha,” for the majority of the video Tupac performed as a guardian angel. Some fans also keep this idea alive, they claim that Tupac’s images that are being circulated on social media are taken on a Camera Phone. On June 17th, Tupac’s amazing photo in a green suit against a wall covered with vin was trending. He was seen wearing gold accessories and his signature bald head and goatee.

The one who added the photo said, “Tupac’s pictures after his demise are fresher than some of ours alive.” Some agreed with his statement while some stated that the picture was Photoshoped to look it present. A few days before, Tupac’s brother Mopreme attended a red carpet and told his brother is still alive. While speaking of his brother he used present tense and said his brother would not appreciate some of the stories and movies that are told about him since his lost.

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