12 Celebrities Explain How They Stay In Great Shape After 40

When we reach the age of 40, our hormones change and it leads to a decrease in our metabolism. At this time it is very difficult to stay fit and healthy but some celebrities have still stayed fit despite their age. They have shared some of their favorite workouts and diet tips that helped them to stay fit and healthy.

Check out the top celebrities’ secrets behind their healthy physique despite their aging.

1. Eva Longoria – 47

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Eva Longoria stays fit by doing workouts daily. In an interview, she shared she liked doing a trampoline workout as it is low impact and not too bad on her knees. The workout also helps in lymphatic drainage, every day she uses a trampoline for 30-40 minutes, and then she does some weight training.

2. Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” – 49

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The Rock often shares posts about his workout on social media, he works hard to maintain his amazing physique. He does seprate training and work on different muscle group on different days. He focuses on his back and biceps on Monday. He works out his shoulders in the midweek. He goes back to his back and biceps on Thursday. He allotted Friday for his chest and trice pans Saturdays are for legs. He often rests on Sunday and he often posts cheat meals on Sunday.

3. Jennifer Lopez – 52

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Jennifer Lopez prioritizes her health and puts it first, she is meticulous when it comes to health and fitness. Her secrets to staying fit include everything from food, sleep, and physical workouts. She said she feels happy when she workout, she often dances and does some weight exercises like sumo squats, pilates, platypus walks, and lunges.

4. Hilary Swank – 47

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Hilary Swank used to work out for 5 hours a day while she was training for her role in ‘Million Dollar Baby’. With that, she gained 23 pounds of muscle and now she says she enjoys working out. She enjoys doing resistance training and she states it as one of the best ways to stay flexible and to maintain calcium in our bones.

5. Jason Statham – 54

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Statham prefers rings for his workout, in an interview he said that there are lots of benefits like shoulder mobility and usable strength in it. He chooses rings for his workout because there are always new skills to learn with them and he finds it interesting. He used to do routine workouts but now he adapts his workout to how he feels.

6. Halle Berry – 55

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Halle Berry used to be a gymnast growing up. When she was 22, it was crucial for her to maintain her diet and do the workout because she was diagnosed with diabetes. She practices different sorts of workouts from strength training and yoga to martial arts.

7. Mark Wahlberg – 50

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Wahlberg workouts for whatever role he has next. He wakes up early at 4 a.m. and trains 5 days a week. He gives himself a break on Wednesdays and Saturdays. He likes doing high-intensity interval training and prefers a plant-based diet.

8. Gabrielle Union – 49

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Gabrielle mostly does full-body training, she does three 50-minute workouts each week. In addition, she does 6-minute cardio after each workout in 3 sets of 2-minute intervals. She prefers mixing it up and she said she doesn’t get anxious staring at the treadmill. She like doing things like side shuffles, jumping jacks, the treadmill, running, the elliptical, and sled push.

9.Kevin Hart – 42

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Kevin Hart has starred along with Mark Wahlberg and The Rock but he says he prefers working out alone. His co-stars are on different wavelengths and they have different schedules. He doesn’t like to work out with others because he fears hurting himself while trying to impress others. He prefers doing what is best for himself and doesn’t like to imitate others.

10. Jennifer Aniston – 53

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Jennifer said her mom was a health fanatic when she was growing up. So when she moved out she rebelled by eating lots of unhealthy food. But later she become mindful of what she was eating. She follows a wellness morning routine which includes feeding her dog and walking. In addition, she mediates, makes some coffee, and journals. After that, she will get her phone out. If she had only 5 minutes she will jump rope and she says it is a amazing workout.

11. Hugh Jackman – 53

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Jackman likes going to the gym in the morning not only to maintain his physique but also for his mental state of mind. He said he become more disciplined when he turned 40. He prefers rowing as an exercise, he says some push-ups and chest exercises together with rowing help to stay healthy.

12. Kate Hudson – 42

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Kate Hudson believes that wellness is about the quality of life. She said it’s about doing what you love, just a nice walk can still make you healthy. Hudson prefers intermittent fasting but it is not for everyone. For her, it helps to maintain her energy levels. She likes doing different workouts like bike riding, walking, and pilates. She eats healthy food and then has an ice-cream it makes her happy.

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