Woman Announces In Middle Of Courtroom Johnny Depp Is Father Of Her Baby – Video

A woman announced Johnny Deep as the father of the baby she was holding in her arms and later admitted that it was a joke. The incident occurred in the court during Depp’s defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard on Monday. The court was interrupted by a mother from the gallery who stood up and announced that the baby in her arm was Depp’s child.

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The strange incident was not broadcast as it happened during the morning break when the cameras were turned off. Law & Cri-me’s Angenette Levy witnessed it happen first-hand and stated it was “crazy” “Suddenly a woman stood up at the back of the courtroom with a baby in her arm and she says, “I love you, Johnny, our souls are connected.” Deep turned around and waved at the woman but according to the woman she was not some random fan.

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Holding the baby she said, “This baby is yours.” The officers in the courtroom created a beeline for the undisclosed witness. “The officers were like you are out of here,” Levy stated The woman was taken away from the court and her access wristband was clipped off. “The moment was pretty wild,” Levy said. Law & Cri -me’s anchor was astonished and had a lot of questions popping into her mind but before the court resumed she had time only for the most pressing ones. Was the woman waiting to get into the courtroom with her baby at 1 AM? If yes, then it’s a bigger issue.

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Meanwhile, the woman was waiting casually the whole time with her baby stroller outside the courtroom in the background. And later when the woman was tracked down she told Law &Cri-me that she and her husband planned this and said that they considered it a joke and thought it would be funny. “Just FYI everyone, the baby at the courthouse was not Johnny Depp’s third baby.” Levy clarified

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