Witness Says Johnny Depp’s Online Mob Sabotaged Amber Heard’s Career

An entertainment consultant hired by Amber Heard states that the actress has lost nearly $45 to $50 million of income due to the fallout of her failed relationship with Johnny Deep. Kathryn Arnold, a movie-industry consultant said that Amber has lost several screen roles and product endorsement opportunities and was poised for a major breakout into multi-million dollar roles.

That is before, Depp’s lawyer Adam Waldman charge her as a liar as she claimed in a 2018 op-ed to be a suffer of do-mestic vio- lence, Arnold testified.

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Waldman’s statement between 2020 and 2021 made Depp’s fans arouse widespread haranguing of Heard on social media. Hashtags such as #AmberHeardIsAnAb user began to circulate over the social media and it brought a halt to Amber’s career, Arnold suggested. She also spoke to a jury performing its work while the pro-deep, anti-Heard bile on social media has been going, where troops of Depp fans charge her claims of being a survivor and state Depp is on his way to victory in court.

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She said, “Negative social media can be very bad, it not only affects the actor, but it also poses an impact towards the movie company, towards the movie, towards the product the actor or actors are working. When there is a lot of negative social media around it would be very complicated and messy to work with the actors or the actors involved.” Depp has charge Heard, stating that she has defamed him with the 2018 Washington Post op-ed in which she described herself as a survivor of do-mestic vio- lence. However, the actor’s name was not mentioned in the article and two years later she filed a temporary restraining order against him.

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Heard has also file case against Depp, claiming he and his legal team has created a smear campaign against her after the Washington Post op-ed. It also included the claims from Waldman that describes her claim of being a survivor of domestic viol- ence as a hoax. Waldman was Depp’s lawyer in his defamation case against the British Tabloid that mentioned Depp as a “Wife Beater”. But later he was debarred by a judge for leaking the case evidence to the press, the evidence was mainly private conversation between Depp and Heard.

Both the actors claim that the other is responsible for sabotaging their earnings.

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With the case going a long run the judges have heard evidence in favor of Depp implying that the icon was wrongly undermined by heard. However, on Monday’s testimony, it was a new insight into how Heard’s career was impacted. Aquaman was the first DC Comics superhero movie to earn more than $1 billion and Heard played her co-starring role in it. With that, she was on the precipice of a meteoric rise during 2018-19.” Arnold testified. But Heard found herself on a minimal role in Aquaman 2, due in March 2023 and she was also barred from participating in promotional events, Arnold testified.

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The actress was paid $2 million for the sequel and had a contract for $ 4 million if a third installment was created. Arnold said, “She also had endorsement contract for two years with with L’Oreal makeup for $1.5 million however they stopped inviting her to promotional events and later the contract was extended on an open-ended base after the first two years, but no immediate prospect and no additional payment was made” Using the roles, endorsements, paydays, and career trajectories of actors including Ana de Armas , Jason Momoa, Chris Pine, Zendaya, and Gal Gadot Arnold argued, “More possibly the actress would have earned nearly $45 to $50 million over that time period.”

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Under Cross-examination by Wayne Dennison, Depp’s lawyers Arnold recanted her description of Herad’s possibility as “meteoric,” saying it would be more applicable to Momoa, whose payments have multiplied tenfold. She conceded that Heard was not on the same level as Momoa or even Zendaya, an actress in 2021’s Dune and 2019’s Spider-man: Far from Home. Arnold said, “They are not identical.” “But you can witness what the superhero movie has got them and look at where their career has gone from where the one they were in,” she said.

“Although she was not in the stature of Zendaya at the time, you can still see it, as it a comparable path of what happens when you are part of a blockbuster movie.”

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And when asked if there is any reviving from this kind of social media charge Herad endured, Arnold said, “ yes eventually but first of all, it has to stop.” Arnold has stated about the vandalism to the actress’s reputation, she referred to earlier testimony by Ron Schnell. Ron is a computer scientist and data researcher he said that between 2020 and 2021, millions of hashtags appeared on Social media against Heard, like #AmberTurd and #AmberHeardIsAnAb-user, and some had Waldman’s name and his hoax language.

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Asked by Dennison, Arnold said over the three years she had been paid about $60,000 total in working for Heard on the defamation case.

On Tuesday when Heard‘s lawyer was done presenting the case, Depp’s lawyer brought their first refutation witness, it was Walter Hamada president of DC Films. Through a pre-taped video, he reiterated Depp’s team argument and testified that Heard’s screen chemistry with Momoa was the reason was her minimal presence in Aquaman 2 and not the negative publicity involving her break up with Depp.

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Hamada said, “It is not uncommon for two leads to not have chemistry.” He also added that chemistry could be fabricated through editing in post-production. “If you watch the movie, their chemistry would be great. But it took a lot of effort during the post-production to acquire what we needed.” Hamada summarized Chemistry as, “What makes a movie star a movie star? You realize it when you see it.” He said the issue of chemistry was discussed between himself and others, that included Aquaman’s producer Peter Safran and Momoa but all this was not in written correspondence. “Documents? No, it was all conversations,” he said.

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