Bu-rn Survivor Puts Pregnant Belly On Display In Maternity PhotoShoot 15 Years After Ex-plosion – Video

Everyone goes through a difficult phase or an incident that shapes their personality and who they are. While some people tend to give up when they can’t withstand the pressure, a few others like Andrea Grant, try their best to move ahead in life pushing behind all their problem. Andrea was eight years old when a fi-e caught her house.

A gas leak caused an eruption scorching her skin. She and her brother were at home that unlucky day, and although they were b-rnt, they managed to survive.

Image Source: Terrence Armand

They were immediately rushed to the hospital and were given due treatments, but the mark were still intact. Years later, she healed past the tr-uma and met a man whom she began to love but when they decided to expand their family, there was a problem. Andrea would get pregnant but the child would not survive after the fourth month because her stomach couldn’t stretch as much to accommodate the growing foetus.

Image Source: Terrence Armand

She never gave up and kept trying for a child, and finally, at 41, she br-ke all odds to become pregnant again. This time celebrated her pregnancy by posting a picture of her bare and mark belly for a pregnancy photoshoot, and it went viral. Many appreciated her for her courage and wished her well. Months later, she went on to deliver a healthy baby boy, and her secret was that she applied lotion twice a day to keep her belly skin elastic.

Image Source: Terrence Armand

She also went ahead to form a group called Beyond mark which helps b-rn suffer. Andrea’s story is very inspiring and encourages one to never give up. It also teaches us to not let our fl-ws or past ru-n our present or future.

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