“My Boyfriend Pays Our Rent And Bills – He Doesn’t Know I’m The Landlord” – Video

In a strange incident that caught the attention of many internet users, a woman with the username @jayneedoee0 claimed that she was living in with her boyfriend for more than a year and that he was the one paying the rent and for the other essentials in the house. What took people by surprise was when she said that she owned the place and her boyfriend wasn’t aware of it.

The rent that he paid every month went into her account.

The video instantly went viral and garnered more than 2 million views. While some said it was a good idea, the others were against what she was doing. One user wrote that she was using the guy to fulfill her needs and pay her bills, and another one wrote questioning if this was what people call ‘love’. Some also war-ned her that if her boyfriend found out the truth, she’d lose the relationship forever.

People who agreed with her said that she had to pay the house mortgage, property tax, and insurance so the money she received from her boyfriend wasn’t being used for her personal needs, and so people should not be bothered about it.

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