Man Uses Tiktok To Offer ‘Dinner With Dad’ To Any Kid That Needs One, Even Adult Ones

Summer Clayton is the dad of 2.4 million kids, it might sound hilarious but this man has won the hearts of millions of people through his TikTok channel. People often address him as ‘dad’ and Clayton couldn’t be more proud. Through his TikTok channel, he would have personal conversations, that one might want to have with their own father but couldn’t.

He had dedicated his channel to providing this type of lovely moment. The most famous is his “Dinner with Dad” segment.

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The idea behind “Dinner with dad is pretty simple”. Clayton sits for dinner as your dad and has two plates of food. Before eating he always blesses the food and tells you what’s up for dinner today. He uses the dinner time to check how you are doing. I emphasize the stability here, as someone who longed for a stable relationship with their parents it stood out immediately. Clayton’s consistency made me have a breath of relief. I found out the emotional connection created just by asking someone, “how was your day?” according to Don Olund, a relationship coach and couples counselor, stability and connection are two important elements that children have of their parents.

And maybe we need it from them in every stage of our life.

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Clayton’s video is a massive hit among people and it created a huge impact on them. His recent “Dinner with Dad” reached 3 million views. Many people shared it, their reactions and comments brought tears for different reasons. @yourprouddad Happy Sunday! Is school out for you?? Some of his videos reminded them of what they had with their own father once. One person wrote, “I’m never going to have something like this again in my life,” And some people lament what they will never have Another person wrote, “I would dep-art to hear my parents say they are proud of me just once.”

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Most of them consider Clayton as a stand-in father, they share their personal achievements, insecurities, and challenges. One person said, “Hi Dad, I got into volleyball.”
While another person shared, “I can’t sleep dad, I am worried about how scared I’m of real life.” Along with Rob Kennedy, creator of the “Dad How do I?” youtube series, Clayton created practical skills videos that one would ask from their father, such as how to tie a tie and how to shave.

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Through his videos Clayton makes people feel accepted, he gives out unconditional love and support. In one of his video, he was seen giving out chips to kids who are straight and who comes out. He played with the kids by giving and taking back the chips. It was just similar to dad behavior. And Clayton also gets dad jokes in the best way. Once he couldn’t remember what day it was and he was like oh right! Hyuck, hyuck, hyuck, it’s your birthday and he presented three cakes. Although Clayton may not be a biological dad he sure makes one great dad.

It is amazing to witness the power of the internet being utilized in such an uplifting and positive way. All thanks to TikTok, it’s never late to have dinner with your dad.

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