Maryland Man Pretended To Be A Police Officer For 15 Years With Fake Badge, Real G-n And Trained ‘Bite Dog’: Ruse Fell Apart When He Tried To Detain Pair Of Restaurant Patrons Over Bill Dispute – Video

Federal authorities said a lawbreaker was take in this month for impersonating a officer, an intricate s*am he had carried out for at least 15 years with fake trappings, a real g-n, and even a trained dog. After attempting to detain two women who contested their invoice at a cafe in Prince George’s County, Maryland, where he worked as a security guard, the ruse started to unravel.

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Antione Tuckson, 37, attempted to imitate an officer of the US Marshals Service on March 6, equipped with a bite dog, Glock handg-n, and t-aser. Tuckson, on the other hand, was the one who called the Prince George’s County P-lice Department when a f-ght erupted between two women. Tuckson displayed his badge to responding officers as he explained the situation to them near the restaurant. Tuckson lives in the nearby town of Waldorf, Maryland.

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When the officers realised Tuckson had left his dog at the restaurant, they recognised something was amiss. Law-enforcement canine handlers never do this. Tuckson then attempted to have his friend, Nijea Rich, impersonate his boss when the investigators wanted more confirmation of the suspect’s credentials, according to federal lawbreaker documents.

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Rich arrived at the scene dressed in ‘officers-style clothes’ were about to take in Tuckson. Tuckson’s dog was both an emotional support animal and a patrol dog, she informed the officer.

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Rich apparently asked the officers, “You locked up a US Marshal?” according to records. Tuckson and Rich were detained in Maryland on May 20 after being indicted on May 19.

The dog was given to the Animal Services Division of Prince George’s County.

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Rich showed up at the animal services centre a day after Tuckson’s take in, claiming to be a US Marshal. Rich relinquished control of the dog to her.

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Tuckson had been charged with the same wrongdoing in 2006, 2009, and 2018, so this wasn’t the first time he’d been take in on comparable wrongdoing. Tuckson’s most daring impersonation occurred in 2018, when he posed as a US Marshal to a sufferer and responding officers.

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Tuckson was take in many times between 2005 and 2009 for receiving st-len goods. He was also guilty in 2007, for which he received a 14-month judgement. He was incarcerate for 16 months in August 2009 after he was judgement of first-degree t-eft. Tuckson reportedly had his car fitted with officer-style red and blue flashing lights in order to advance his impersonations, according to federal lawbreaker documents. That’s on top of a forged identification card.

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