Little Girl Is Called Up In Front Of The Whole School, Then Teacher Approaches Her In Tears – Video

A’Layah might come across as a happy little kid but it wasn’t the case with her always. Her past was straight opposite to what a typical kid of her age had been through. Her biological mother had a powder habit, and her childhood was tough. She was then put into foster care, where nobody would want to keep her for long.

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Finally, the 6-year-old found her happy home when she was adopted by the Robinson family. Not very later did her new mother, Misty, start noticing that the little A’Layah would save up her Christmas and birthday money to help someone who lost everything.

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That’s when she realised, she didn’t adopt a little child but a true giver into their family.

The next thing she did was sell lemonade of love to home-less kids and kids who were put in support in the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Cust-ody.

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She started to then give yellow bags, which had toys, blankets, Bibles, and hygiene products with the money she made selling the lemonade of love. On hearing her story, her teacher Tiffany Robertson teamed up with KFOR’s Pay It 4Ward program to reward the little girl. She called her in front of the whole school. Tiffany got emotional and hugged the little girl as she presented her with reward.

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