Father Pictured With Ukrainian Refugee Girlfriend After Dumping Partner Of Ten Years

The 29-year-old father of two has been seen with his 22-year-old Ukrainian refugee fiancée after they relocated into his parents’ house after dumping his 10-year relationship. Tony Garnett, a security guard, maybe seen hugging his sweetheart Sofiia Karkadym, who moved into the long-term couple’s house for ten days after fleeing w*r-torn Lviv.

Mr Garnett, who resides in Bradford, West Yorkshire, revealed that he has fallen in love with Sofiia and wishes to spend the rest of his life with her.

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Sofiia, who left the western Ukrainian city, said she ‘fancied’ Tony the moment she saw him and that the two are living their own ‘love tale.’ The new couple is now residing with Tony’s mother and father, however, they are seeking a place to call their own. Lorna Garnett, a jilted mother, expressed her rage yesterday after allowing the Ukrainian woman into her house. Lorna claims that her partner’s decision to leave her for Sofiia left her distraught. Lorna told the Sun on Sunday that she believes Sofiia’set her sights on Anthony from the beginning, decided she wanted him, and st-ole him.’ ‘She didn’t care about the da-mage that was left behind,’ she continued. In the space of two weeks, everything I thought I knew has been spun on its head.’

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Lorna told reporters that she had concerns about the plan, but that it was the appropriate thing to do after hearing about the ‘s-cary’ situation in Ukraine in the media. ‘I thought it was the appropriate thing to do to put a roof over someone’s head and support them in their time of need,’ she explained. And this is how Sofiia has expressed her gratitude to me for providing her with a home.’

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Sofiia was taken in by the family in an effort to aid Ukrainians escaping the Russian inv*sion, with Tony telling The Sun that he ‘wanted to do the right thing’ and that she was the first individual to contact him through a social media page where he volunteered to home a refugee.

After waiting weeks in Berlin for her UK visa to be approved, Sofiia, an IT manager, flew into Manchester on May 4th. Tony said he and Sofiia hit it off right away, and while his six-year-old and three-year-old daughters liked her as well, his ten-year-long partner didn’t.

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Because the two languages are mutually comprehensible, Tony, who speaks Slovakian, would converse with his future fiancée while she spoke Ukrainian. Lorna, on the other hand, had no idea what they were talking about. ‘We were getting along beautifully at the time, but it was nothing more than that — but I can see why Lorna became envious and spiteful of her,’ Tony explained.

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Sofiia would join Tony at the gym and they would converse in his car as the days passed, while they became physically closer at home. ‘At home, I saw we were trying to make excuses to hug and brush against one other; it was really flirty, but nothing more occurred at that point,’ he explained. ‘Despite the fact that it was very harmless, it was generating controversy.’ That is something I can comprehend. Sofiia would be the one who had prepared a dinner for me to sample when I returned home late at night.’

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Lorna became ‘very envious’ as the two became closer, according to Tony, and began to wonder why Sofiia was accompanying him around most of the time. ‘The mood was getting out of control, and Sofiia told me she wasn’t sure she could live with us under these conditions,’ he said. ‘Having a refugee in our family never piqued Lorna’s interest since it meant the girls would have to share a room.’ Things came to a head after an intense argument between the ladies left Sofiia in tears and stated she couldn’t live under the same roof as Lorna any longer.

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‘Something inside me snapped,’ Tony explained, and he told Lorna, ‘If she’s going, I’m going.’ The couple then packed their belongings and moved in with Tony’s mother and father, despite the fact that they are still looking for a place to live. Tony claims he feels awful and that Lorna is not to blame after their ten-year romance ended in just ten days. ‘I am very sorry for Lorna’s suffering; this was not her fault, and it had nothing to do with anything she did wrong. ‘We didn’t intend to do this; it wasn’t premeditated, and we had no intention of hurting anyone.’

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