7-Year-Old Hosts A Backyard Prom For His Babysitter After Hers Was Canceled – Video

Curtis Rogers hadn’t seen his caregiver, Rachel, in two months due to the epidemic, but he was determined to give her a prom after discovering that hers would not be held. Curtis arranged the entire evening, including the pair’s favorite afternoon snack to be given as a starter, aside from putting up a dinner table outside.

He used a pool noodle to keep a safe social distance from Rachel.

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‘I arranged it since Rachel would most likely want to see me.’ He told ABC11 Eye Witness News, “She’s also one of the nicest people I’ve ever known.” Curtis’ mother said that he had prepared a DJ set with all of Rachel’s favorite songs. ‘He was quite enthusiastic and wanted to make sure everything was perfect, so he put on his suit and chose a bowtie that matched her outfit,’ she explained. “It was a lot of fun. He was quite eager for everything to begin, and he wanted to make sure he was prepared to wow her,’ she explained.

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His efforts did not go unnoticed. Rachel stated she had a lovely evening despite not being able to wear her outfit to her senior prom. ‘I was upset putting on my dress because I was sad that I wouldn’t be able to wear it to my senior prom.’ It was really fun spending time with him because it was the first time I had seen him in two months, and I’m glad he did that,’ she said.

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She went on to say that Curtis had been a gentleman from the start of the night. ‘He was waiting outside with the pool noodle when we arrived, and then he escorted me into the backyard,’ Chapman said. “He had everything, including all of my favorite meals. ‘I could see he had given it a lot of consideration,’ she added. Rachel’s mother shared a video from the private prom on Twitter, which shows the couple frolicking outside.

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‘For almost a year, my daughter has been a nanny for this wonderful child. He wanted to host her a senior prom when he discovered she wouldn’t have one. He prepared a socially distant prom, replete with dances and her favorite meals,’ her mother wrote. Since then, the post has earned over 65,000 likes. ‘What a beautiful young woman she is to accept his offer, and what a sweet young guy he is to want to do something special for your daughter,’ one person wrote.


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