Undercover Boss Learns Star Employee Lives In Homeless Shelter With Kids. Woman Co-llapses In Joy After Boss Gives Her Money To Buy A House And Raises Her Salary. – Video

A woman named Angel shared her story on how become pr-egnant and lost her previous job as a restaurant manager. Currently, the woman is working at a sporting shop and one day she discloses her difficulties in life to a new worker. Based on the Goal Cast Reports, she and her children have been living in a shelter, and before getting to that place they used to sleep at bus stops.

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But, the woman didn’t know that she was being filmed while she was narrating her story and the new worker was helping with that. To her surprise, the person with whom she has been sharing her secret turned out to be her boss. He had created a perfect disguise by shaving his head and faking a bushy mustache. Later the CEO decided to present the woman with the biggest surprise of her life.

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An event was organized and the woman thought it was some sort of marketing event for the company but to her surprise, the CEO announced that she has been promoted as an assistant manager and her salary has been raised by $14,000 (R210k). And that was not the end the CEO also gave her a cheque of $250,000 (R3.8 million) to get her a place to live. “I don’t want you living at that homeless shelter again.” He said.

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When the woman saw the amount on the cheque, she couldn’t believe her eyes and collapsed immediately. With great joy and surprise, she said, “I will be telling my kids that we are not going to the homeless shelter again, we are going to have our own place to live. They can be kids.”


Sandy ZokSo completely amazing!! I can only imagine what our world would be like if these were the news stories we saw each day and if all CEO’s were like this man!

Erin LynnA single person solution to a systemic problem doesn’t feel all that warm and fuzzy to me. Very happy for this woman, but what about everyone else? Her story isnt unique I’m sad to say

George MellenWe live in a society where owners giving small financial gifts to hard-working employees is seen as so magnanimous and praiseworthy that we make tv shows about it. What we should expect from owners instead is a living wage for all working people that are not thought of as gifts but the fair exchange for the work they perform to sustain the business. I’m a capitalist. I don’t support crazy “socialist” giveaways. I do support living wages that rebuild a thriving middle class and drive down the obscene gap between middle class and the wealthiest Americans. When the top tax rate was twice what it is today, we built highways, we became the unrivaled economic power of the world, and we put men on the moon.

Rather than praise a few generous CEO’s, let’s change the tax code so that the wealthiest pay a fair share.

Georgia JonesI’ve seen an episode of the same thing, just different people and a different establishment. The manager raised his pay and helped him to get a roof over his head. Some of the bosses in this show are really, truly decent people who care about their employees’ health and well-being.

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