Amber Heard’s Acting Coach Explains How She Could Tell Her Crying Was Genuine – Video

In a new twist of stories, Amber Heard’s Acting Coach Kristina Sexton came to highlight after she claimed that Amber wasn’t f-king her tears during the trial. Sexton said that during their acting classes, Amber found it difficult to act emotional. She also claimed that the actress cried over frequent brawl with her former husband, Johnny Depp.

Sexton said that when the brawl between Amber and Depp got serious, the former would start sobing, and they couldn’t start with the lessons without getting her calm and back together.

Image Source: Sky News

Sexton also added that while they started dating, Depp and Amber were just like any other couple but eventually, things went bad between them. She also said that there were times that she was at Amber’s house for acting classes, and she could overhear them having serious arguments which eventually led to Amber ending up in tears.

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Sexton said that Amber crying during the trial while describing how she was physically and se-ually ab-sed by her former husband, was not f-ke because she had struggl-d trying to c-y during acting sessions. She claimed that the Aquaman actress was showing her real emotions. Sexton also said that she has a caretaker personality, and whenever Amber would bre-ak down, she would try to calm her down.

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