Mom Hears Late Son’s Heart Beat In 14-Year-Old Boy For 1st Time – Video

When Maria Clark’s son, Nicholas Peters, leave this world in a vehicle mishap nearly two years ago, she knew she wanted to donate his organs right away. “We can’t bury all of this magic,” Clark, the mother of three surviving children, said to “Good Morning America,” characterising her son as “the life of the party.” “He was always a team worker, assisting everyone, going out of his way to assure you knew you were special,” she continued, adding that “everyone was on ‘Team Nick.'” Nicholas’ wish, according to Clark of Madisonville, Louisiana, was to be an organ donor.

His organs were given to others all throughout the county with her family’s approval.

Candace Armstrong

Clark had no idea that one of the receivers was only three hours away. Jean Paul Marceaux, 14, was on his second heart transplant waiting list. Jean Paul, now a seventh-grader, acquired a disease when he was two years old and suffered cardiomyopathy, a condition in which “the heart muscle’s capacity to pump bl-ood is diminished,” according to the CDC (CDC). Jean Paul received a heart transplant at the age of two after six months on life support while waiting for a new heart. His heart began to fail over a decade later, according to his mother, Candace Armstrong.

Candace Armstrong

“We knew when he had the first transplant that a second one was extremely likely,” she added. According to Armstrong, Jean Paul spent the whole summer in the hospital, ba-ttling for his life, before his family received the call they had been waiting for, informing them that a heart was available. “It’s such a contradiction because you’re praying for it because it’ll save your son’s life, but you also know what this means,” she added, defining the call as a “rush of emotions.” “Another mother is going through what I’ve been hoping to avoid. It’s an extremely unique situation to be in “According to Armstrong.

Maria Clark

Clark stated she was aware that her son’s heart had been delivered but had no idea to whom. In most situations of organ donation, families are asked to wait one year before contacting the donor family, and the donor family is the one who is able to do so. According to Armstrong, they never heard from Jean Paul’s first heart donor’s family, but they received a letter from Clark identifying the donor a year after his second transplant.

“We still honour this family and this hero after ten years of waiting for a reaction from our first hero’s family, but it’s simply not concrete. We were never given a name. We had no idea who it was, “Armstrong stated. “It was the first time for us that Jean Paul got to meet someone and bond with him and his family.”

Courtesy Candace Armstrong

Clark said she couldn’t wait a year to hear more about the people her son had restored, such as Jean Paul. She also intended to write to the beneficiaries to “inform them about the life they had in them,” she explained. “I started writing immediately away,” she explained. “I was curious about his vital organs. I’d want to know that they’re all right, that they’re getting on with their lives and their wellbeing.”

Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency (LOPA)

Clark and Armstrong claimed they spoke on the phone shortly after receiving the letter and stayed in touch through text and social media, with Armstrong providing updates on Jean Paul’s recuperation. “‘That’s Nick,’ she remarked as she showed me a video of him dancing at his first prom. He understands. Nick is his name.’ “Clark recalled something. “That made me really delighted.”

Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency (LOPA)

Clark and Armstrong scheduled an in-person meeting because they live less than three hours apart, but it was postponed owing to the COV-19 epidemic and Jean Paul’s need to be isolated to preserve his immune system, according to Armstrong. On May 14, when Jean Paul had recovered from his transplant and had even returned to school, the two families met for the first time in person in New Orleans. The Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency, the state’s nonprofit organ and tissue recovery agency, had their meeting. “He simply hugged me when he came in. He hugged me tightly, much like Nick did “Clark explained. “And then there was the heartbeat, which was so powerful and alive.”

Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency (LOPA)

Clark, her children, and grandkids are now “forever” part of their family forever, she added. She stated they have images of Clark’s son all around the house, including one in Jean Paul’s room on a bookcase. “We have a feeling we know him,” Armstrong added. “Nick, we talk about him as if he were a member of his family, which he is. Nick has taken the place of donor.” Armstrong and Clark both expressed their hope that their stories may encourage others to donate organs and promote organ donation. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, more than 100,000 adults and children are on the national transplant waiting list in the United States.

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