Michael Blackson’s Wife Allows Him To Have One Side Piece A Month Cause Being With One Person Gets Boring – Fans Thinks It’s Because He Has Money – Video

Unique interpersonal relationships and setups are common in Hollywood. People are always exploring with their spouses, looking for new methods to be comfortable and fulfilled. Some speculate that it has less to do with what these couples genuinely desire and more to do with one person wielding too much influence because of their financial status in the relationship.

When it comes to these unusual partnerships, wealthy men appear to get everything they want, with just a few female instances emerging over time. Is it really a common understanding when it comes to open relationships? Or a means to please a power-hungry partner?

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In a Breakfast Club interview, Tamar Braxton stated that successful men prefer to pursue women outside their partnerships. It wasn’t so much something she accepted as something she “understood” her. Tamar’s comments are echoed by a number of other women who appear to believe that the only way to maintain your spouse is to let him travel.

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Michael Blackson, a comedian, is the most recent person to do so. In a recent interview, Blackson and his partner Rada discussed their relationship. Rada confesses to letting Michael one “side woman” every month. Rada claims that it is something they both cherish, and she recognizes that long-term partnerships may become romantically monotonous and uninteresting. Rada interacts with the ladies as well, so it’s not only for Michael. She and Michael clarify that they are not in an open relationship and just enjoy themselves.

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The Shade Room enquired further, curious if Rada receives the same perks as Michael and is allowed to have a different partner once a month. According to Michael, Rada does not want another guy, however, she likes women. “She may have any female she desires, but not a guy.” In our relationship, we don’t need another man.” When asked what he wants from other women that he can’t receive from his fiancee, Blackson replies it’s all about the intimacy and the opportunity to meet someone new.

The couple, who got engaged in July, is now filming Season 2 of VH1’s Couples Retreat.

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Michael is clearly not the only one with this unique structure of the relationship. DeRay Davis, a fellow comedian, is now seeing two separate girls in public. Davis said he was wary of fooling around and believed that if the proper woman came along, she would be willing to share him. He was correct, and he appears to be extremely pleased with his partners. Will and Jada have also confessed to having special relationship chemistry in public. Will and Jada separated while their marriage was in trouble, and she began dating singer August Alsina. However, it’s not clear whether Will is also seeing some other girl or is it just Jada who is dating outside the relationship. There certainly appears to be a power dynamic in many of these instances. While Will and Jada appear to gain equally, it seems that the dynamic exists to satisfy the partner who is the breadwinner.

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Monique and her husband shared this information early in their relationship. In 2006, the Oscar winner engaged with childhood friend Sydney Hicks, admitting to pushing her weight around at first. Because she paid the expenses, Monique thought she had the right to determine the terms of their union. This meant she was free to date other guys. Monique says it took her a long time to recognise that allowing her spouse to see other women is also fair. “You can’t do that because I am the renowned one and have the money.” But there was one thing I needed to learn: reciprocity.

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Fans voiced their thoughts in the comments sections under Michael and Rada’s interview. “I believe that if you genuinely love someone, you will desire them and only them, and you will want them to feel the same,” one individual remarked. “It works because she doesn’t truly love him; she just wants the money,” another stated. Tami Roman, who famously declared that she would allow her spouse to have a child with another woman, added her two cents.

According to Tami, the real concern is if it’s the same lady every month, in that case, what to do if your boyfriend develops feelings for her.

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