Pirates Producer On Johnny Depp’s Potential Involvement In Sequel: ‘The Future Is Yet To Be Decided’

Johnny Depp has asserted that he would never be ready to make Pirates of the Caribbean sequel with Disney even if they offered $300 million. The producer of Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Jerry Bruckheimer has talked about Depp’s future with the franchise. While Bruckheimer was promoting his new movie Top Gun: Maverick, he was questioned about the status of his next pirate movie.

He told the U.K.’s The Sunday Times, that back in 2017 his fifth movie, named ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’ was released in theatres.

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According to the sources, it was known that the series would be rebooted with Margot Robbie in a lead role. The 78-year-old Bruckheimer confirmed that the female-led movie is in progress, and the same goes for another version with 31 –year-old Robbie: “Yes, we are having a conversation with Robbie. We are making two pirate scripts, one with Robbie and one without her.” When he was questioned about Depp’s return, Bruckheimer said, “Not at this point and the future is not decided as of now.”

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The 58-year-old Johnny deep is currently involved in a legal battle with his ex-wife Amber Heard in Fairfax, Virginia. He has s-ed her for $50 million claiming she has defamed him over an op-ed that she wrote for the Washington Post in 2018. Although the article doesn’t include Depp’s name, his legal team states that it tarnished his career opportunities and he has lost nearly $22.5 million for doing a 6th pirate movie, among various blockbuster roles.

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Johnny Depp earned an Oscar nomination for his stunning performance as Captain Jack sparrow in the original 2013 movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Later the sequels were released in 2006, 2007, 2011, and 2017. Deep and 36-year-old Heard, met each other in 2011 while making the film ‘The Rum Diary’ and in 2015 they got married. However their marriage doesn’t last long, they were br-oken in 2016 as Heard sought do-mestic vi-olence impeding order against Depp, ac-cusing him of ab-using her. Depp completely denied her claims and they both settled their divorce in August 2016.

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In the court, Depp concluded his testimony by stating that — he has never st-ruck Heard or any woman in his life and said after Heard’s ac-cusations against him he has lost “nothing short of everything.” Heard has testified to several claims against him that include do-mestic vi-olence and s-x-ual as-sault during their relationship. On the other hand, Deep has testified that his “goal is truth” as he wants to clear his name in this trial, which is broadcasted through various live outlets. Ahead of the trial, Heard made a statement that “when this case concludes I hope I can move on and so can Johnny. I have always brought up love for Johnny and it brings me much pain to live out the details of our past together just in front of the world.”

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Depp also recollected his testimony that he wanted a have a ‘proper goodbye’ for his pirate character and he has planned to keep working on the Pirate Movies “until was time to stop.” While talking about his disagreement with Disney executives, Deep said, “I felt I would become guilty until proven innocent.” He also confirmed that he would not work with Disney again even if they offered $300 million. Depp has worked on several independent movies like Minamata in recent years and Heard on the other hand will reprise her role in next year’s Lost Kingdom and Aquaman.


Back in November 2020, Deep resigned his role in the Fantastic Beast Franchise, a Warner Bros property after he lost his highly publicized U.K. libel case against British paper, The sun for mentioning him as a “Wife-beater.” The court was not in favor of Depp, as the outlets claimed their statement as being substantially true and had Heard’s testifies to back up their claims. After that in March 2021, his attempt to overturn the decision was overruled. In the recently released Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, Depp’s role was played by Mads Mikkelsen. When asked about taking Depp’s part he told The Hollywood Reporter, “I wasn’t like, ‘Oh please let me talk to him.’ It might have been great to touch bases, ‘clean the room’ in a sense. I might see him in the future.”

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