‘My Name Is Jeff. Tell Me Exactly What Happened.’ His Voice Changed, His Tone Dripping In Comfort. He Guided Me Through The Biggest C-risis I’ve Ever Experienced.’: Widow Thanks ‘Hero’ Dispatcher, ‘Kindness Is Free’

Diana Register’s husband Chad was diagn-osed with pancreatic ca-cer. He immediately got the sur-gery done to remove the tumo-r and even went through months of chemo-therapy. Finally, the doctors were convinced that there was no trace of ca-cer in his bl-ood. His life once again got back to normal. Everything looked fine until they found out ca-cer returned, and this time in his liver.

Chad had six months to live, and he never let it get to him. He tried to live life normally and went to work. But Diana was confused. One day he seemed normal, and the next day he was s-ck. She was so uncertain about the future they planned together. Chad never took a day off from work.

Image credit: Diana Register

But one day, he came home early because he was unable to bear the pa-in. Diana knew it was something serious. With each passing week, his condition kept getting worse, and in between, he suffered a str-ke, and nobody even knew it. One night the pain was unbe-arable because the tumo-r had blocked his intestines. Diana asked Chad if she should call an ambulance but he denied it. He didn’t want to be si-ck or stay in the hospital.

Diana wanted to call the ambulance but she didn’t want to disrespect Chad.

Image credit: Diana Register

When she finally told him that she would call an ambulance and he wouldn’t have to be in pa-in again, Chad said to her that he wouldn’t for-give her if she did that. She loved him but she didn’t know what to do. Because she called, the phone rang, and the dispatcher on the other side, Jeff, asked her for all her details and asked her to explain what went wrong. She told him about Chad, and his robotic voice changed, and he sounded compassionate as he empathised with her. Chad leave this world, and Jeff stayed with Diana the entire night to give her some reassurance.

Image credit: Diana Register

One day, while Diana was training at his department, she met him in person, and they got along well. She described him as a ‘quiet man.’ Diana and Jeff became good friends, and she said that he inspired her to be kind and compassionate. She created a class on compassion at the 911 centre, and play the telephone call she had with Jeff that night to teach what compassion looks like. This story would make us believe that there is still enough goodness in the world, and it comes from unexpected people when you least expect it.

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