Meet These Three friends Who Become Mothers At The Same Time

Friendship is one of the special relationships we share in our lifetimes. Our friends are like our human dictionary, and we are comfortable sharing anything with them. We go from sharing our clothes to food to gossip and what not! But Amarachi, Harriet, and Florence – three Nigerian best friends didn’t just share their clothes and food but went a step ahead and got pregnant at the same time.

Source: Instagram

The trio couldn’t control their excitement when they first found out that they were all expecting babies at the same time. They went on deliver at the same time. While two of the friends gave birth to baby boys, one of them gave birth to a baby girl.

Source: Instagram

They took to Instagram to share their pregnancy journey by sharing beautiful pictures of them pregnant and a picture of them with their newborn babies. The internet couldn’t stop pouring in good wishes and blessings for the three friends and their babies. They are now all set to raise their kids together. This story and the three friends gave a new meaning to what friendship truly means.

Source: Instagram

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