Johnny Depp Gave Fans A Captain Jack Sparrow Impression As They Waited To See Him Outside Of The Courthouse – Video

Johnny Depp’s fan has been flocking to Fairfax, Virginia as he appears for his defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard. Since last month a legions of fans waits for his arrival just to see him and a video from yesterday shows Depp driving slowly to greet his fans.

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And when he hears a woman saying, “You will always be the Captain Jack Sparrow”. In response to her, he immediately launched into an impression of Captain Jack Sparrow, his iconic role in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. He said, “He is still somewhere around, I see him now and then.”

Image credit: Backgrid

Then the woman said, “Hey don’t forget his mega pint and the jar of dirt,” referencing various viral moments from his ongoing trial. Depp’s involvement in the film Franchise has been one of the major points in the case. As his talent agent claims that Depp has lost $22.5 million from the 6th instalment after he was removed from the project due to Heard’s claim.

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Depp is su-ing his ex-wife for $50 million, claiming she has defamed him through a 2018 op-ed that she wrote in the Washington Post. Although the article doesn’t include his name, Depp’s legal team states that the article had a de-vastating impact on his career and reputation. Since then, Heard also s-ed Depp for $100 million, stating Depp and his team had orchestrated a ‘smear campaign’ against her in view of their marriage going public.


The trial has been in favor of Depp, most people showed their support for the star through social media. Some people have even traveled to the courthouse to witness the trial and support their star. In a recent video shared on Twitter, dozens of people were seen standing in queues just to get a seat inside the courtroom.

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