‘I’m Not ‘babying’ My Kid. He Doesn’t Need To ‘Toughen Up’ Or ‘Be A Man.’ He Needs To Be LOVED.’: Mom Responds To Parenting C-riticism, ‘My Child Is Not A Man, I Will Continue To Baby Him’

We live in a society where people often are entitled to their own opinions about everything and anything. However, most times, they don’t realize that their comments have the power to affect others. But this mother proved that wrong when she stood up for herself and called out people who c-riticized her for her parenting style.

Image credit: Ashley Swain

Ashley Swain, a mom of two from Atlanta, recently opened up about motherhood and how she raises her kids, and the challenges one faces in being a parent. That’s when some people called out on her saying that she was spoiling her son and that he needs to toughen up and be a man.

Image credit: Ashley Swain

Ashley responded to these comments by saying that she was a woman and no matter what she does she wouldn’t be able to raise him like a man, and that’s why he has a father and other male relatives. She also said that she wouldn’t let her son grow up in the same tra-uma that the others were raised on and mentioned that people who made such comments needed therapy.

Image credit: Ashley Swain

She added that the people whose parents didn’t love them or hug them are the ones who are questioning her parenting style and that no matter what, she would always love her son.

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