Power Actor Joseph Sikora Speaks About His ‘Tommy’ Character Being Accepted By Black Community – Video

Joseph Sikora has appeared in various movies like Shutter Island, My Best Friend’s Wedding, and Jack Reacher. He also played his part in an episode of Frasier, Grey’s Anatomy, or CSI: Miami or NY. But all those didn’t bring him much pride or recognition. But after he played his role as Ghost’s best friend, Tommy Egan in Power he received the appreciation and recognition he needed.

This specific role has increased his stock in Hollywood and the African-American community. After acknowledging his acceptance into the Black Community Sikora did an interview and stated that he wears the achievement like a ‘Badge of Honour.’

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Joseph was introduced to the fans of Power universe as a magnificent actor in the Starz series. It was all thanks to Courtney Kemp, the creator of power universe for portraying Sikora as the main character, his role was magnificent and it grabbed the attention of the fans. Many believed that the Starz series was a breakthrough for the Chicago-born actor. But, Sikora considers his 2003 HBO film Normal as a leap in his career. In an interview with Untitled Magazine, Sikora said that Tom Wilkinson, the actor, and star of Normal have him some advice and it changed everything.

He advised, “Think the line and the camera will read it.” Sikora gave his own interpretation of Tom’s piece of advice and it changed everything for him.

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Sikora interpreted Tom’s advice as, “when you’re committed to what you want to express, it doesn’t require much effort to read it on film.” He carried this advice on his journey and proved himself through Power. The success of the show gave birth to several spin-offs including Sikora’s own. The third Spin-off, Power Book IV: tells Tommy Egan’s story, picking up where he was left off on Power’s series finale. Currently, Tommy is setting up shop in Chicago and he is sure to inflict different sorts of drama there.


Recently, Sikora was invited as a guest on The Wendy Williams shows to speak about the series. During his conversation with the co-hosts Remy Ma and Fat Joe, he spoke about an everyday incident that is encountered by most of the actors – Fans addressing the actors by the character’s name. He states that in the beginning, he would correct his fans when they call him by his character’s name. But later after a conversation with Power Executive Producer 50 Cent his perspective changed.

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Sikora went ahead and shared his conversation with the chart-topping rapper. Fif told Sikora, “Fans make real investments of their emotions into the character.” Sikora then explained an analogy that the rapper shared with him, he compared his fans to a bank and told him, “Say you made an investment into a bank and the bank was like, Just Kidding! Not a bank.” He advised Sikora to let his fans call him Tommy as they mean no harm. Cent further added, “They are claiming you. They are giving you love.” The rapper’s counselement made him realize Tommy’s fondness among his fans, and from there he always considers Tommy as his “badge of honor.”

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He also shared his reason for why he loves playing the role of Tommy Egan in a separate interview with XXL. During the interview, he sat near 50 Cent and said, “Being recognized as Tommy feels like a badge of honor because I think the black community calls out [BS] quickly. And if I didn’t have any T’s crossed and my I’s dotted, and I didn’t bring out the life in that character, the character would have not been accepted.” He states that this was the reason why he claims the acceptance of the black community is better than any award. He also added, “It is not possible to deposit an award in the bank, but instead his award gest deposited in the bank, every episode.” That’s powerful.

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Sikora’s series Book IV: Force has hit the record, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the series broke across all platforms and has drawn nearly 3.3 million views in total. The series has brought achievement to the Straz network and till date, it is the biggest premier among the Starz network shows. Before Sikora played Tommy in Power, he was seen as James Mark Barr in the 2012 film Jack Reacher led by Tom Cruise. After becoming Tommy Egan, he was casted as a mafia member Frank Cosgrove Jr in Netflix’s Ozark in season 3.

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