Mom Is Furious as Day Care Shaves Her Biracial Daughter’s Hair, Saying It’d ‘Grow Back Straight’ – Video

When parents send their kids off to residential schools due to various circumstances, they expect the staff to take care of their kids and place their trust in them. However, when the trust is bro-ken, no parent would be tolerant and is bound to take action. Channel 5 Boston

Denise Robinson had sent her 7-year-old daughter Tru, to a residential school named Little Heroes Group Home in Connecticut, thinking they’d take good care of her child. The little kid had beautiful brown curls, and her mom couldn’t be prouder of her biracial daughter. Channel 5 Boston

But Denise’s pride was sha-tered when she saw her daughter’s hair shaved off by a carer at the residential school without her consent. What even hurt the mother was the justification that the school authorities gave her daughter. Channel 5 Boston

The carer who shaved Tru’s hair said that the hair would now grow back straight. Denise said both she and her daughter were up-set over the behaviour that made the little kid believe a li-e. Denise said that they targeted Tru because she was biracial.


Meanwhile, the school authorities defended their actions and said that the hair was shaved for hygiene purposes, to which Denise said that her daughter’s hair had no lice or bed bugs.


However, Denise is now su-ng the school authorities and is also planning to move her daughter to another school. This story is indeed very unfo-rtunate.

Children look up to adults and believe everything that’s told to them, even if it is not right.


These kinds of actions would affect the little kids in the long run, and it might take them years to heal from the pa-n. Therefore, we must set a good example for our little kids.

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