Mother Sells 4,000oz Of Her Own Br-east Milk To Help Parents With Formula Shortage – Video

Alyssa Chitti is teaming up with groups of mothers by selling her milk to those who need them. Chitti told Fox 13 that at present she has stored her br-east milk in more than three freezers and now she is willing to sell it so that she can clear some space. “I found out I’m running out of space and at the same time, it might help someone.

She joked to the outlet, “I know I have nearly 3,000 ounces that is 3,000 ounces downstairs and almost 1,000 ounces upstairs.”

Image credit: Fox 13

In the beginning, she actually thought of donating her excess br-east milk to a local milk bank. But like many other moms in similar positions, she found that the process was too slow due to the screening requirements. She said, “I was working with a group on it and as my daughter has SMA, we have been in and out of primaries. So, it was difficult to do all the bloodwork and the other stuff, and that was the only thing that stopped me from doing that part.”

Image credit: Fox 13

Finally, as the donation process was slow she thought of listing her milk online for sale at the rate of $1 per ounce. Although she has not set the price, she told Fox 13 that she is ready to negotiate the price with the mothers as she understands the difficulties they might be going through. “I was nervous because my daughter was very very colicky,” she said. “I know most of the moms are in need of specific formulas for their babies with upset tummies. I also know how difficult it can be when they are upset. There is nothing you can do with that stomach pain.”

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Selling milk is completely legal but, as it is unregulated it isn’t always safe and advisable to feed your baby with that. Moreover, milk that is sold online is not always screened or checked for contamination. Hence, it could make a baby sick, buyers need to be careful if they are opting for online br-east milk and stay cautious wherever they can as it involves your baby’s health.

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