Moment Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Calls Out Amber Heard For Not Donating $7M Divorce Settlement To Charity – Video

Amber Heard was recently called out by her ex-husband’s lawyer Camille Vasquez who asked her if she had donated the $7 million, she received as a divorce settlement to charity. Depp and Heard got divorced a few years back, and the Aquaman actress had told that she would give away all the $7 million she received as settlements to charity.

She promised to pay $3.5 million to the children’s hospital in Los Angeles and the remaining $3.5 million to American Civil Liberties Union.

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Recently, when Heard took to deliver her testimony in the libel suit filed against her by her former husband Depp for $50 million, she claimed that she only acted in self-defence and was never forceful. During her cross-examination with Camille, Heard was asked to confirm if she had paid the settlements to charity as she had promised in an interview where Heard said that she didn’t want anything from Depp and that the $7 million received as settlements would be given away to charity.

Image Credit: Guardian

Heard answered saying, she had pledged the money to which Depp’s Lawyer said, “Please understand my question. You have not donated the money – donated not pledged.” Heard was quick to say that she used ‘donate’ and ‘pledged’ as synonymous with each other. Camille told her that she didn’t use both the words synonymously and repeated her question regarding the payment made to charities. Heard then admitted that she didn’t pay the money.

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This came after the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) testified that they had not received any donations. They also claimed that one of the donations made in Heard’s name came from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who the Aquaman actress dated for a brief period following her sepration from Depp.

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