Florida Firefighters Throw Baby Shower for Expecting Mother Who Lost Everything in Fi-re – Video

Welcoming the baby through a baby shower party is a lovely desire for every woman. This South Florida Mother is blessed to have the Lauderhill Fi-re Department who had prepared an exciting baby shower for her after she lost everything in an apartment fi-re. Nicola Taylor received an exciting surprise from the firefighters on Wednesday.

The firefighters threw a baby shower for her after she and her family lost everything in an apartment fi-re last week.

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Taylor said, “God is wonderful. This is more stuff than what I had. Thank you.” Due to the mishap, Taylor was hospitalized but luckily nothing serious happened, now she is fine. But this incident st-ruck most of the firefighters and they were worried about her circumstances.

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“Having a family myself with two young kids and experiencing the whole process of having a baby shower, having the babies, it hit home,” said B.J Smith, a Lauderhill firefighter.

Jerry Gonzalez. Lauderhill captain said Taylor’s story was heartening and it even caught the attention of firefighters who were not present on the scene.

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He further added, “They heard about her and saw the condition of her apartment. They were worried by seeing the miserable condition of a pregnant woman. They are people just like us and they were b-roken on seeing an eight months pregnant woman lost everything in a baby shower recently and they decided to do something for her.” They started collecting donations and received everything like baby carriers, baby clothes, gift cards, presents, and even a Tiffany necklace.

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The officers saved the best gift for last.” The department crew, the people have donated, the community. We were able to get you a new lease apartment,” said González and then he handed over the keys to the apartment. “We have covered the deposit and a few months’ rent for the apartment.” Apart from the new apartment to live in, Taylor’s family also got new mattresses and beds. They received everything to sleep peacefully at night from City Mattress along with Sweet Dream makers as a donation.

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