Woman Discovers Her Ex-husband Had Been Ch-eating On Her By Reading His New Wedding Announcement In The New York Times

Nikyta Moreno first met her ex-husband Robert Palmer at a gym when she caught him looking at her through the window. They started to talk and got along very well. Soon they started dating, and within a few months, they moved in together. Eventually, they got married in a civil ceremony in 2015 and even planned on a big wedding later in 2017.

They went ahead to pay the deposit for the venue, finalized the menu, and had even invited their relatives from other countries, and at the last moment, Palmer told her that he needed space.

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Moreno thought he was nervous about the wedding and told him she’d stay away for a week at her friend’s place. When she came back, Palmer took her by surprise when he said he wanted a divorce. Moreno was sad, and Palmer shut her down and stopped communicating. He even told her mom that he didn’t feel the same way he used to. Moreno and her family almost ran out of money after spending so much on the wedding. Something even bad happened – Moreno was pregnant with Palmer’s child when he asked for a div-orce. Eventually, she underwent a misc-rriage and charge Palmer’s actions for the same.

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Moreno started taking therapy to cope with the divorce and misc-arriage, and that’s when her friends told her about New York Times publishing a wedding announcement of Palmer. In the announcement, it was mentioned that Palmer was getting married to a 35-year-old called Maillian, who he met at the gym. They got along well, and soon Palmer moved in with his new partner and her kids from her previous marriage. Moreno was stunned but finally found the reason behind Palmer wanting a divorce. Palmer started dating Maillian while he was still married to her.

However, Palmer got married to Maillian within a year.

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What sho-k Moreno was that the announcement mentioned that Palmer was not married before. Her friends contacted the Times, who later got it corrected. However, Palmer said that he and Moreno mutually decided to part ways and that he was surprised by her claims that he was che-ting on her. However, Moreno seems to have moved on after meeting someone ‘wonderful’ and wished her ex-husband and his wife well.

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