If You Think People Are The Worst These Days, These 20 Wholesome Pics May Change Your Mind

In today’s world, it’s become more of a luxury to hear good news. In such a circumstance, most people might have given up on the idea that there is any humanity left. Well, here are a few heartwarming pictures to help you believe that there’s still enough goodness left in the world.

We hope this makes your day!

(1) A boy whose stepfather left him a note every day while he was in middle school, kept the notes safely with him, and six years later, he moved his stepfather to te-ars when he gave back those notes to him on Father’s Day.

(2) This picture of a boy with down synd-rome who looked so proud and happy after giving his first job interview is sure to melt your heart.

(3) This picture of a group of Black medical students posing in front of a former sl-ve quarter went viral, and no doubt they truly are their ancestors’ wildest dreams.

(4) A grandmother made a rainbow sweater for her granddaughter, who came out to her as a bise-ual.

(5) This groom was quick to leave his wedding photoshoot aside to save a little boy from drow-ning.

(6) This kind girl helped a blind cub’s fan who was trying to find a cab. She waited till he got into the cab and then left.

(7) This man recycles old coolers into shelters for stray cats. If this isn’t cool, then what is?

(8) This stranger made many happy after he gave over 700 ‘dad hugs’ to kids who were rej-cted by their parents.

(9) In a heartwarming picture, the bride’s father stopped and called in on her step-father, and they both walked her down the aisle.

(10) A stranger shared a picture of a man letting a cat drink from his palms because he couldn’t find a cup.

(11) Princess Sofia of Sweden won hearts after she started to volunteer at a hospital during the COV-19 pa-nd-emic.

(12) This bus driver held the hands of a 4-year-old who was nerv-us on his first day of school.

(13) Simple acts can make a big difference, and who knows it better than the students at an elementary school in a po-or part of Pennsylvania who were donated gloves, hats, and shoes by a stranger.

(14) A group of school kids held a toy drive for one of their classmates who lost everything in the house f-re.

(15) Bon Jovi won hearts after he opened two restaurants that feed po-or people for free.

(16) This man donated stem cells to help a stranger fig-hting leu-kemia after losing his childhood friend to the same dis-ease while in school.

(17) This little girl learned how to sew so that she could make face masks for a hospital that made a post requesting the same.

18) This girl who was born during the civil war and spent her childhood in refugee camps, made her parents proud after she became the first in her family to graduate with a college degree.

(19) This husband proved that love is unconditional after spending two years planting scented flowers so that his blind wife could smell and get out of her depr-ession.

(20)This security guard who works overnight knits mittens and boots for pre-mature babies, and it is simply adorable.

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