Student Bre-aks Down At Graduation Because His Parents Failed To Attend His Graduation From Elementary To College – Video

For every student, it’s a dream to celebrate their graduation from college with their friends and family. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have their parents by their side when they go onto the stage to receive their Graduation degree. One such guy is Jeric Rivas, who took to social media sharing his agony over the absence of his parents on the occasion of his ‘Graduation Day.’

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He classified the occasion as ‘mixed sadness and fun.’ The boy has just received his graduation degree from La Concepcion College in San Jose Del Monte, Philippines, along with his all other friends. A recent social media post where the boy shared his ordeal, also discloses the disheartening fact that his family is not showing up to any of his achievements since when he was a kid.

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Pouring out his g-rieve in the social media post, Rivas remembered the time when he received an award when he was in an elementary school, and parents of the award-winning student were supposed to be present for presenting the award to their child. None of his family members showed up to cheer Jeric. So wasn’t allowed to receive the award on the stage as other kids. Soon after he received another award for which he asked his friend’s parents to step in. At least, he got the recognition that he deserves.

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Jeric, since his childhood, has always focused on his education in spite of being disregarded by his parents every time for the education. He even moved away from home for part-time work in order to afford his college education. The good part is his hard work finally paid off when he received a degree in criminology from La Concepcion College. He was waiting for this day for so long and when it finally came, it came with the feeling of despondency for Jeric.

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As he watches his friends receiving their final degree and celebrating the joy of it with their parents, he was anxious about not having anyone by his side and detesting the moment for being lonely all his life. The moment was quite nerve-racking for Jeric.

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However, as Jeric went up on the stage to receive his graduation degree, one of his professors came to his side. The professor gave a warm hug to Jeric for his achievement. Jeric thanked his professor in the social media post for supporting him not only as his teacher but also as a parent.

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Though Jeric didn’t get support from his parents, the love was poured out to him by social media users. The post got viral and Jeric received lots of blessings and wishes from people around the world for not giving up despite having unsupportive parents.


Emily How can ‘parents’ do this to their child. I’m so glad he had his professor there to support him and I’m sure he also had support from friends and other professors. I hope he goes on to do what ever makes time truly happy in life and I hope his parents grow to realise what a fantastic son they have (secretly I also hope by the time they do it’s too late and he has realised they aren’t worth worrying about).

Kelly Congratulations!!! I am really proud of you. May you fly through life with a smile and prosper in everything you choose to do. Good Luck, Be Happy, Always Hold Your Head High and Keep Jesus In Your Heart.

Evelyn Keep on keeping on Jeric Rivas.

The more you have to prove them that your success won’t stop even they don’t show up on your graduation. Good luck. God bless you my dear.

Daisy Try to forget about your family. They aren’t likely to ever care or show any interest & pride in your accomplishments. Maybe they don’t like for you to get more out of life than they themselves have gotten because they are smart enough or have the drive to achieve. Look for really good friends who like you for who you are and your wonderful achievements. Surround yourself with people like that and forget about your family. Your life will be much better. And congratulations for succeeding because of your efforts and hard work.

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