Nurses Bail Dad Ar-rested for Bre-aking Traffic Laws While Rushing His Daughter to Hospital – Video

This incident about a father’s love and compassion will restore your faith in humanity. Darius Hinkle had an ordinary day until his one-year-old child ch-oked on a penny. Hinkle was l*st and had no idea what to do. He went out the door and drove his car to get his daughter to the hospital with a suspended license.

Image credit: Facebook/ Donecia Pittman

Although he knew he was wrong he wanted to save his daughter’s life. The po-lice caught him for driving at an Overspeed and his girlfriend took their child to the hospital. The bay was treated immediately, and she was okay.

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When Hinkle’s girlfriend reached the station to bail him, she was astonished on seeing a woman she had never seen all her life, paying her partner’s bond.

It was one of the nurses from the hospital. The nurses were impressed with the father’s efforts to save his daughter and decided to pool in money together to pay the bond.

Image credit: FOX2

Both Hinkle and his girlfriend were moved by the actions of the nurses and have thanked them for saving their daughter’s life and for their kind gesture. Hinkle’s Girlfriend Donecia Pittman also stated that “They (nurses) were there for us ever since we had got there. I could not thank them enough.”

Image credit: Facebook/ Touchette Regional Hospital

While Hinkle’s case has come to highlight, this is not the first time that people are caught vi-olating traffic rules for medical emergencies.

While ambulance services can be availed how about the situation of an emergency case when people need help. What would you have done in such a situation? what is your take on this incident? Do you think the father’s actions were justified in this case?


Lyn The nurses were wonderful in helping out their patients father. Well done, very proud of each and everyone of you nurses. You stepped up where the officer should have in helping the father who should have shown compassion but chose not to. Pathetic..

Pauline these situation where someone endangers people on the road, might not happen if ambulances were free and not, you know. Costing you a literal fortune. Because where I live, people know they can call the ambulance first thing when something scary like this happens. These nurses are wonderful, and the cops should be ashamed of themselves.

Tina The parents could barely contain the tears when they were talking about the nurses helping them with the baby.

Thank God everything worked out okay, the baby’s fantastic, all is good. God is great! Bless your family for many many decades to come.

Carolyn I think it’s very telling that no officer took the child into the emergency room for help…I’ve had to do the same for my daughter

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