Hit-And-Run Leaves Mother Of Twins Without A Car – Then Worker’s Treatment Of Her That She Asks To Speak To A Manager – Video

John Goodlett, a rent-a-car employee who is new in this profession and still got the country’s attention for being an outstanding employee. So, what exactly made him so, nothing but providing helping hands. A video of him carrying a baby of a mother of twins went viral all over as the baby’s mother was renting a car.

After the twins ‘mother posted on her social media page.

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When a Rent-A-Car employee, named John Goodlett went to take back Coty Vincent from her location in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He brought her back to the office. The lady brought the car seats for her twin baby’s, 11-month-old boys. What she didn’t have was a stroller, which could be helpful for holding them at the same time. So, she asked John for help. The mother of twins told TODAY, “He grabbed one of the boys out of his car seat and I grabbed the other, and we went inside,” she said, she expected Goodlett to hand off her son “and let me fend for myself” with the boys. Instead, Goodlett headed straight for the counter and began processing her order.


“So I kind of moseyed on over to where he was working, playing with one son while he had the other one. He was working away, holding him like a champ, like he’s done it his whole life,” According to Vincent, “I can’t even multi-task that well.” That small politeness impressed her, so she decided to take a picture of him working on the computer while holding her baby with the other. In the evening, she posted that picture.

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As a caption she wrote,“While he helped me with my rental due to a h-t and run mishap, he held one of my twin sons as I don’t have a double stroller,” she also wrote he is one of the most compassionate and caring people she has ever met.

She wrote, we need more people like John who go that extra step. Be a John. #BeAJohn” She also shared the post among her twin mother groups, other moms were also impressed by his act and suggested Vincent to make the post go public. So, she did and soon her post went viral with more than 224,800 reactions and the shared count went to 24,600.

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When John Goodlett came to know about the post, his reaction was surprising because for him, it’s not a big deal, and he believes helping others should come to people naturally. Speaking with TODAY, he answered,“I’m still blown away. It just makes you wonder: What did I do that was so special? This was something that’s part of my instinctual way to do it. It’s somewhat shocking to see the world took it as such a big motion,”

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Continuing to speak with TODAY, he said, “But I hope it helps get the message out that this is the way people are supposed to treat each other every day. We could all help each other and be a little friendlier.” John said, he and Vincent have one thing in common, he himself is twin with a sister with whom he lives. Speaking of his relationship with his twin sister, he said, “love-hate relationship.” “Just like any sibling, one moment we got each other’s back, one moment we’re yelling at each other’s throats,” he said. “But it’s a real thing. It’s a natural love, and it’s deep.”


In the Enterprise branch where he works, the manager Marlyn Jones said he is a new employee and has already reached out to great work. After this sweet act, Enterprise’s corporate office decided to reward him with a gift card, but John chose to donate the money as a charity to a local boy’s and girls club. The club got a scholarship and new sports equipment for the children. The corporation also gifted a double stroller to Vincent.

But Vincent is happy with the fact that “a simple act of kindness” went viral and touched the hearts of many.


Aquila People should stop saying “it’s so sad to see acts of kindness go viral”. Evil deeds and disasters go viral all the time, it’s a breath of fresh air seeing kindness instead

Cyrus This man was my WR coach in 9th grade, He always treated me with equal respect, even though I was barely 5ft tall and scarcely got to play… Coach goodlett I’ll never forget you thank you

Terry I had a set of twins as well as an toddler and a preschooler 10 years ago. I remember going anywhere was so hard. Most people would look at you crazy but the occasional kind stranger was so appreciated. We all need to be more like this guy.

Jenny What a good man.

Makes everyone feel better. He probably works like 60 hours a week and he is still patient and kind. Good stuff!!

Paola What a beautiful example of kindness! He was very thoughtful and caring. I love that she recognized that and shared that moment on social media. Even the fact that he chose to donate his Enterprise reward was beautiful. It really brightens up my day to see stories like this. Thank you so much for sharing them!

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