Couple Adopts 3 Children. Soon After, The Neighbor Steps In And Calls Child Services – Video

Julia Washington and her husband from Georgia adopted three brothers Michael 6, Jess 5, and Camden 4. The couple already had two biological children and now with three more additions, they were a big family of seven. New additions in the family were big challenge especially as Jess had health concerns of cerebral palsy. However, Julia’s happiness knew no bounds with her beautiful family.

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While the family was in process of adopting three brothers, they came across important information. One day Julia got a call from the social worker of the three brothers. Julia was informed about that the three siblings she had adopted had another brother. This was seventeen months old, Elijah. The little one was the fourth biological brother of Michael, Jess and Camden and he too was in need of a family. Julia wished Elijah to grow along with his elder brothers. She did not want Elijah to be separated from his siblings.

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As much as Julia was concerned about the Elijah’s well being, she knew that it was impossible for her to adopt him. She was aware that Jess’s upbringing would be challenging as he needed extra attention. Julia’s agony was short lived as one of her friend Jay decided to embrace Elijah into her family. Jay Houston was Julia’s neighbor. Jay herself is an adopted child and is already a mother of five whiles only two being her biological kids. Being in the same shoes, Jay was acquainted with the fact of foster children being outclassed by the society.

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Jay and her husband George were mindful of their actions. They knew that they wanted bring up Elijah. They fulfilled their wish by conversing and convincing the child services about the same. While talking to ABC News Jay elaborated about how inclusion of more kids have brought in more contentment in their lives.

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She said “These kids are kids and they just need love and I can’t explain how much these kids have changed my life.” She further told ABC news that before finally being united with their new families Michael, Jess, and Camden had spent 1290 days in foster care and Elijah was there for 390 days.

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Elated and expressing her gratitude for being Elijah’s mother Jay said most magnificent thing to happen for the two families four siblings is “They all know that they’re brothers and will grow up together. They won’t live in the same house, but they’ll be in the same city. Knowing that I’ll get to be his mother is an incredible gift and I’m very grateful for that.”


Cynthia As someone who was separated from my 2 little brothers this is really touching to see.

I would have loved the opportunity to get to spend time with them growing up.

Marcus So sweet. Good luck to both families. You have been given such great gifts by having all those beautiful children, biological or adopted. Life is going to be great.

Karyn These children are gorgeous. Lovely boys. It touched my heart so much. Please continue to love each other. May God bless these parents and these children. Thank you for sharing. You gave me hope. Thanks.

Loreyna All these kids that have found a loving , nurturing , and safe place are a promise of hope for the present & the future. Be blessed

Megan See people like this just make me wanna do so much good things like omg those boys nevee would have known each h other if they were not adopted together im just saying thanks for saving them

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