13-Year-Old Calls Po-lice To Say He Wants To Run Away From Home, Cop Decides To Look Inside His Room

Officer Gaetano Acerra was on his regular duty when he received a call from a 13-year-old named Cameron Simmons, who said he wanted to run away from his home because he argued with his mom.

Image credits: HLN

When Acerra reached the boy’s house, he managed to look into the boy’s bedroom and understood what was happening. Cameron’s room had no furniture and consisted of a mattress, that was deflated, causing him back pain. His mother was facing a financial cri-sis, so they couldn’t afford any new furniture.

Image credits: HLN

That’s when Acerra decided to surprise the little boy. A few weeks later, he returned with a desk, chair, bed, and a television. Acerra also gave Cameron a Nintendo Wii that someone had donated after hearing the boy’s story.

Image credits: HLN

In a conversation with WIS-TV, Acerra said that he did not help the boy to gain publicity but rather to make the kid happy because it felt it was the right thing to do.

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The story went viral and people have been appreciating Acerra for his kind actions.

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