Teen Walking Dog Hears Cries For Help From Man Locked In Car Trunk – Video

Kayla Rose was on her routine of walking her dog around her neighborhood in New Jersey when he heard some noise that sounded like someone was asking out for help. The sound was coming from the trunk of a car that was parked, on the street.

Image credit: WABC

In a conversation with WABC, Rose said that she kept hearing repeated noises, and when he went closer, she heard a man asking for help. Rose ran to her home to tell her mom about it. She also informed her neighbors, who called 911.

Image credit: WABC

One of the neighbors first tried to pop the trunk so that the man inside could breathe. Meanwhile, the officers arrived and opened it. The man was then safely taken to a local hospital to get treated. The man was shaken up and was so grateful that Rose found him.

Image credit: Yahoo Movies UK

After inquiry, it was found that the man was r*bbed the previous night. Two men took him to a local bank and asked him to withdraw money and then drove to Irvington where they left him in the trunk of the car. One of the men was seized and charged for the offenses committed.

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