Devoted Bride Touches Millions Walking Up Aisle To Her Groom Just One Day Before He Passes Away From Can-cer. His Kiwi Pals Perform Emotional Haka At Wedding. – Video

A rugby player from New Zealand, Navar Herberta aged 22 years, departs soon after, he marries Maia Falwasser in a love-filled ceremony in front of their friends and closest family members.

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Navar Herberta has been diagnosed with a brain tu-mor a few months back and soon his condition got worsened. Maia Falwasser shared a video on the GoFundMe page and set up a crowd-funder, to raise money for the family, so they could fly Navar Herberta’s bo-dy back to his hometown of Otorohanga, New Zealand, where he asked to be laid to rest.

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Maia wrote: “Today my heart is heavy and sad, I lo-st my best friend, Husband and the Father to our Son. I feel absolutely showered in LOVE by friends and family, this is a hard time, however I do find my strength and refuge in everybody’s support. Navar’s Journey has just begun, shortly we will be taking him back to Kotahitanga Marae, where he has asked to be laid to rest.

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He has impacted so many people near and far, and he will always be in our memories and have a special place in our hearts.” The page has so far raised more than £49,600 ($90,000 AUS).

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According to the report of the New Zealand Herald, the couple, Navar and Maia have an 11-month-old son Kyrie, who was also there at the wedding ceremony to witness the special moment, when his parents tied the knot on Monday.

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Maia shared footage that shows Navar is being assisted by his family members to get ready for the wedding, while he sits in an armchair and then he is taken to the ceremony in a wheelchair. As Maia walks down the aisle and greets Navan, he says: ‘Hello my wife, hello my baby. I love you.

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During the wedding, the couple and their guests are in tears as they were exchanging their vows and rings, and swear to ‘be partners for life. After the wedding ceremony, a group of friends performed an emotional haka for the newly married couple, before coming up to congratulate them on their union. The family shed tears in the romantic garden on Australia’s Gold Coast.

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Nerang Bulls, Navar’s rugby club have organized a celebration of his life today, which was attended by approximately 500 people.

The club posted on social media, “Thank you everyone, from the bottom of our hearts. Today was an amazing way to send off Navar.” The club is also fundraising to help with the costs to bring him home.


Margie I just couldn’t stop crying. There are only few womens who lives by their man aside till every difficulties. God bless you both

Dian This was just amazing! I was crying through the whole thing….this woman is such a beautiful person….inside and out.

Melanie How could anyone not love this video!!! I get goosebumps and cry like a baby every single time I watch it.. when the brothers do their traditional haka, I loose it.. waterfall of tears every time .. the emotion.. the love put into haka

Corina I dont know how I got here but I’m so glad I did….

as I’m watching this I’m bawling my eyes out!!! What a beautiful wedding I felt like I was personally invited…congratulations to you both and now I’m saying sorry for the l*ss of your husband. thank you for sharing your wedding with us and I hope as time goes on your pain will lessen….so much Aroha and heartfelt kisses comng your way..

Aaron “I cant say I love you” that just bought tears to my eyes…its okay bro we all know you loved her, rest in peace. your family is in good hands

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