‘This Is Pure Innocence’: Little Girls Ba-ttling Can-cer Form Instant Bond

Two little girls who are both bat-ling can-cer met at the hospital before their sur-geries and formed an instant bond. Jordanna Howard shared a touching story about her daughter Mackenzie and her new friend Akira. At 3.5 months, Mackenzie was diagnosed with a rare form of pediatric ca-cer called retinoblastoma which is ca-cer in the eyes.

Image credit: Jordanna Howard

“She’s since been through 7 rounds of chemo and is currently almost 1 year ca-cer free, all of her treatment has been at UCSF, and we could not be luckier for the care we have received.” She wrote. “Today was a special day as we had sur-gery for Mackenzie, and as we were waiting we met this beautiful girl Akira.”

Image credit: Jordanna Howard

Akira is 2 years old and also bat-ling retinoblastoma like Mackenzie. The girls met in pre -op and an instant bond and friendship developed. Howard also added, ‘it was heart-warming to watch. The girls were holding hands, playing together, and hugging each other as if they were life-long best friends.

Image credit: Jordanna Howard

It’s so beautiful to see two girls who have both had so much tra-uma, and treatment, find such magic in each other so quickly, and we hope this is the beginning of a lifelong friendship.’ The story went viral, and everyone who reads it is genuinely hoping this is the beginning of a lifelong friendship.

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