Sisters Meagan & La’Myia Good Defend ‘The Return Of The Good Girl’

Gorgeous Meagan Good always speaks her mind in terms of sisterhood. In particular, the modern television era often portrays the one-sided argument and fi-ghts of black women. Meagan and her sister La’Myia, are working to put an end to these unfair portrayals through their philanthropic initiative, The Greater Good Foundation.

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“I often think about what the media is presenting to the children of today, it’s just that you got to dress like this or you got to fi-ght the other woman,” Meagan said to “We want to present them another choice like, Ok you don’t have to be a bad apple. You can just love yourself, be proud of yourself, respect yourself and be a good girl…

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Recently, in collaboration with Defend Paris, the high-end fashion brand the good sisters released a limited edition black and red flannel with Defend Good Girl” inscribed on the back. “Here’s the clothing line that speaks out for something, that is about standing strong in whatever you believe or whatever you define,” Meagan said. “We were like, how about take way the stereotype of a bad seed and create the comeback of good girl.”

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Despite their fashion venture, the sisters also impart the importance of sisterhood by teaching in the arts program Musication in Compton. The sisters help young girls from deprived backgrounds through a specially outlined curriculum which comprises promoting positive images and building self-esteem.

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Meagan further explains, “Most of these girls have been insulted, they have faced as-sault. They have been insulted at parties, insulted by their family member. And some of them don’t have fathers in their home.” She also added, “Really, the important thing is teaching them that they are capable of doing anything despite their circumstances, and the things they have gone through are just their testaments.”

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Meagan said it is essential for the young girls of today to build a supportive and trustworthy relationship with each other particularly young girls of color. As Meagan chose her friends who possess a good moral sense and people who are like-minded.

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“Choose carefully, “she said on making friends, “ if that person is walking in a way that you don’t prefer, eventually you can still love them and be friends. You can still chat with them but it doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time with them and follow the same things that they are doing. Just be a leader and don’t be led.”

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