Kind Student Gave 3 Bags Of Clothes To B-ull-ied Classmate Who Wore The Same Outfit To School Each Day – Video

Brayden, a young school boy saw his classmates making fun and persecute a fellow classmate because he was wearing the same clothes to school every day. Brayden thought of giving a surprise to his classmate and get him some new clothes. Brayden says that although he and this boy is not his best friend, he felt bad whenever he saw other students making fun of him.

He said, “He is one of my friends but we are not super close, he gets persecute and h-it weekly and it’s heart br-eaking cause there’s nothing he can do about it, he is dealing with financial issues.”

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Brayden recalls that last year the said boy whose name is anonymous, had only two outfits. Brayden said, “I remember last year he had only 2 outfits cause he just didn’t have the money to buy clothes.” Brayden told to ‘Understanding Compassion’ that the boy has been persecute for years as he had less money. Brayden said “Some back story to this kid, his name is [Anonymous]. [Anon] has been persecute pretty much since the start of middle school he’s constantly h-it on and looked downed upon because of his size, the way he acts and his wealth.

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He is honestly a great kid…” “Yes he does very stupid stuff and play fi-ghts and gets in tr-ouble a lot but I can tell that’s just a way he uses to cope with his pain. Back in 8th grade (last year) he would only wear the same 2-3 outfits because he didn’t have the money to buy the clothes and it pained me seeing that.” While all the classmates were aware about the fellow classmate’s financial situation, they continued to persecute him. Brayden said “People knew what he was going through but he was still constantly persecute and picked on.

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“He is a sweet kid and I just wanted him to know that people care for him and that I know his pain and I want him to feel welcomed. Please spread positivity like this around, for people who don’t have much.”, Brayden continued. Brayden took his anonymous classmate to another room and with bags full of new clothes from different brands. “Open this bag,” Brayden said with a smile. “These are nice clothes,” [Anon] said. Brayden: “Yeah, whose clothes are those?” [Anon]: “I don’t know.” Brayden: “Those are yours.” [Anon]: “What?! For real?” Brayden: “Yeah.” [Anon]: “Thanks.” Brayden told to his anonymous classmate, “You got joggers, these are all Nike, Adidas and Hollister shirts.

A Hollister sweatshirt, it’s all really nice. And you have more joggers in here. And, I even bought you a Champion sweatshirt, so… this is yours. And… this is all yours bro. You can keep the bag.”

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When people heard about the situation of Brayden’s classmate, they started raising funds for him. People were able to raise $7,000 for the young boy and his family. Brayden’s kind act helped his fellow classmate. Brayden was thankful to those who came forward to help and raise funds. He said “The amount of money donated is INSANE; the money that isn’t used for clothes will go to other family needs. Thank you guys so much, you have changed this kid’s life.”



Joseph The sweeter it is no longer the pain it will remain he’ll be forever grateful of what was bestowed upon him..

Willie Thats how treat each other instead downing lift up and inspirer and help you my congrats keep it going

Deborah These boys are beautiful souls!!! Oh my gosh I love love love this! I will NEVER forget this

Lisa I love’s how it should be…stand up for one another….big gigantic ups to those who do.. just love it soo much…!

Stephanie Great job parents for raising your children to show compassion and kindness.

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