Heartwarming Photo Of Kids Who Met On An Airplane Goes Viral, And Now They’ve Been Reunited – Video

When a picture of a little boy and girl who became best friends on an airplane was first posted on social media, it warmed hearts across the nation.

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The kids strolled out of the airport hand-in-hand after making an instant connection during their flight to Flint, Michigan. Now little Kendell and Shauntay have reunited again, happily hugging each other and already planning future playdates.

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Kendell and Shauntay’s story first captured hearts when a photo of them holding hands was posted in a social media group called Saginaw Love. A woman named Monica shared the heartwarming photo hoping it would find its way to Shauntay’s mother, who she sat next to on the plane.

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‘I flew home from St Pete’s last night, next to a wonderful woman from Saginaw,’ Monica wrote in the caption. ‘I would love for her to find this picture, but I never caught her name. The little boy in this photo is hers. These two kids were total strangers, and the little girl just scooped her little man’s hand right into hers! This is our future.’

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Kenya Menzies-Peoples, Shauntay’s mother, spotted the photo and shared it herself. The picture quickly went viral, receiving thousands of likes and hundreds of shares. Menzies-People and Nicole McCluskey, Kendell’s mother, happily watched as their children played at Bishop Airport again.

Image credit: WNEM

Allegiant Airlines was so touched by Kendell and Shauntay’s friendship that they gifted both families $100 off their next flight and free parking at the airport. The kids are already looking forward to seeing each other again, with little Kendell hoping Shauntay will soon come over to her house for a playdate.

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