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Comedian Mo’Nique is here to show that she has the ‘strength’ and that a good woman can’t be kept down. Despite her involvement in a current Netflix drama, the famous actress has kept herself occupied. Mo’Nique claims she has been blackballed from the industry on account of her Oscar win. But it seems like her career has been gathering up momentum as of late.

Now, it’s appearing like 50 Cent has stepped out, ready to offer her a spot on one of his ‘power universe’ series.

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A production company named Endemol Shine North America recently announced that NAACP Image Award winner Mo’Nique is partnering with the company. The production business is behind shows including CBS’s “Big Brother,” the “Masterchef” franchise, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and “Real Housewives of Potomac,” as well as “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” In a report by De-adline, Mo’Nique and her manager/husband, Sidney Hicks, will unite to create content through their company “Hicks Media” that she can host or star in. The content will also involve other artists to star in.

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President and CEO of Endemol Shine Holdings Cris Abrego talked highly of Mo’Nique and the contract they have established in place. The two already had a working history originating from their work on VH1’s Charm School, and Abrego remarked that he was delighted to revive their connection, calling it a “honor.” He also called Mo’Nique a “icon,” saying he couldn’t think of anyone more “appropriate and whose genuine voice must be heard more right now than hers.” Since 2019, Mo’Nique has been involved in a discrimination litigation with Netflix. In 2020, the streaming titan moved to countersue and dismiss her case. However, a federal court obstructed their efforts and it is earmarked to move ahead.

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The Bessie actress, recently appeared on Fox Soul’s TS Madison show, for which she was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award. During their talk, she spoke about her problems with Netflix and her difficulties with Tyler Perry. Many efforts to speak with Madea were made, according to Mo’Nique, but she claims she did not want to “rethink” their dispute. Initially, Mo’Nique stated that Tyler Perry believed he was to blame for their troubles.

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Mo’Nique, on the other hand, is standing firm in her faith that she has been treated unfairly. On Instagram, the comedian posted a photo of herself with TS Madison, confronting Tyler Perry directly. “Ultimately, the public will notice, hear, and act in response to your failure to uphold your promise. “I’m not going anywhere,” she proclaimed emphatically. Mo’Nique’s statement is far from off, based on the announcement that she has teamed with Endemol Shine North America and all of the impending events. Mo’Nique has a few headlining shows listed with Live Nation across the country, including one in Staten Island on April Fools’ Day and another in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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Along with fellow comedians Earthquake, DeRay Davis, and others, Mo’Nique was a part of the All-Star Comedy Jam held over Super Bowl weekend. ‘Power’ CEO and rapper 50 Cent was among those who attended the event, and he was so taken aback that he publicly applauded Mo’Nique for placing him in a “trance.” He went on to say that Mo’Nique’s show should not be canceled because she is important to the culture. “I need to get [Mo’Nique] back in pocket,” tweeted 50 Cent, stressing that he wants for her to “WIN again.”

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Not only did 50 Cent heap accolades on Mo’Nique, but supporters flocked to the Power executive producer’s side as well. Following his idea, fans instantly suggested that he include the comic in one of the episodes. Some people advocated for Mo’Nique to play Monae’s mom in Power Ghost, the woman who forced her to give up Zeke. Others speculated that she may portray Monae’s sister or possibly an attorney.

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Mo’Nique as an attorney on any of the current Power shows may be very fascinating, since she would offer a distinct element to the role, similar to Method Man’s. Followers publicly express their desire for Mo’Nique to be cast in Power, Raising Kanan, BMF, or any of his other projects. However, 50 Cent’s ‘Power Universe’ future with Starz is uncertain, since he has lately pledged to depart once his contract with the network ends.

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