Brothers Torn Apart By Foster Care Are Officially Reunited Thanks To One Stranger – Video

An incredible story of two inseparable brothers who reunited after years is sure to touch your heart. Tre and Ke’lynn were inseparable and shared a strong bond. Everything was fine until they were placed in Child Protective Custody in Texas to heal from family tr-auma. From then onwards, they spent most of their time living in separate foster homes and only got to see each other once a month.

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In a conversation with WFAA, Ke’lynn through tears said that he wanted to see his big brother every day. Dr. Robert Beck, who saw the newscast was moved by their story and wanted to do something to reunite the brothers and give them a home they deserved.

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Beck brought the boys to live with him although, the adoption process was not finalized yet. The wait was finally over, and Beck brought the boys to the court telling them it was to take pictures but, it was the adoption day.

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Immediately after the adoption news was made official, Beck, went on to hug his new sons, and the brothers were so excited. Beck also went on to say that giving the boys a home along with the love they deserve is a dream come true moment.

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Ke’lynn and Tre are happy and reunited now, all thanks to one stranger’s big heart; they finally got the family they deserved.


Laura When those boys started crying, so did I. That man is an angel, and I hope that people keep stepping up and being good people for kids who need it.

Jeanne My brother and I were in a children’s home together but weren’t allowed to see each other. I cried so much. So happy for these boys

Nadine Beautiful. Adoption helps so many children stay together. My cousin a few years ago. Adopted 6 siblings. And they love her so much. I admire her so much

Vannessa Wonderful thank you for investing in their lives you have changed the direction of their lives enjoy making memories for them and you congratulations

Debra Thank you so much Dr Robert Beck for making them your boys now!!! Just seeing their lil sad but, happy faces are so rewarding! God bless you and your new sons

Cindy This is why I became licensed for a group home so I could take brothers and sisters. It’s true caseworkers do not tear families apart. Caseworkers have so much love for these children. It’s not enough money to pay them for what they do. I’m happy for the children who stay together.

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