70 Years Ago She Was Disowned By Family For Marrying A Black Man, Today Their Marriage is Still Going Strong – Video

Love might look cute in movies and romance novels, but the reality is that love is not easy to conquer. When you love someone, there is so much you need to conquer. This story of a white woman who was thrown out by her family for loving a black man is very inspiring.

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Mary Jacobs was born in Britain, and Jake was born in Trinidad. When they fell in love in the 1940s, England, back when being an interracial couple, was far more socially accepted than it is today.

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In a conversation with Daily mail, Mary said that she met Jake when he came over during the w-r from Trinidad as a part of the American forces stationed at Burtonwood near her home in Lancashire.

They were studying at the same technical college. She had typing and shorthand lessons while he was sent for training. They met through their group of friends. A few weeks later, she was spotted, by a lady with Jake and reported the same to Mary’s father, who banned her from seeing Jake again.

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Once the w-r was over, Jake has returned to Trinidad. They exchanged love letters during their time apart. Jake returned to the UK in a few months and proposed to Mary. She was just 19. When she informed her father, he threw her out of the house.

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The pair got married in 1948 through a registered office wedding. The first few years were not a cakewalk because they didn’t have anything to eat and no place to live because nobody would rent their house to a black man, nor did they have any money. People used to judge them, and even after they gave birth to a son, society still never accepted an interracial couple.

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Gradually things got better and, Mary took up teaching jobs to make ends meet. Jake started working at a post office. With no family to fall back on, the couple began making friends. The most painful thing of all is never having had Mary’s father approve their marriage even after so many years. Although he reconciled with his daughter, he never accepted Jake.

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Jake said, “You have no idea what it used to be like when I arrived in the UK. I was subjected to a-use every day. Back then, you couldn’t work in an office because a black man in an office with all the white girls wasn’t thought to be safe.”

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A few years ago, Mary and Jake celebrated their 70th anniversary together and are still very much in love. Mary has a slight form of Alzheimer’s coming on, so the couple is making the most of their time. They also agree that they have had an amazing life together despite all the barriers in the past.

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