Meagan Good Shows Off Her Fit Body : ‘Ms. Good If Ya Nasty’

On January 16, the actress Meagan Good posted three pictures flexing her sleek and harmonious body. Meagan Good, a 40-years-old actress posted pictures on her Instagram, while posing in front of the camera she wore a two-piece brown workout set with a long cardigan, baseball cap, and white sneakers.

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The photos were captioned by an anonymous author which reads: “Be proud of how you’ve been handling these last few months.

Image credit: Instagram/ meagangood

The silent battles you’ve brawl, the moments you had to humble yourself, the time you’ve wiped your tears.

Celebrate your strength.” Moreover, apart from uploading stunning pictures of herself.

She also updated her Instagram bio name, which is initially inspired by Janet Jackson’s 1986 single ‘Nasty’.

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Earlier her Instagram bio name was “Meag G, Mrs. Franklin~If Ya Nasty”. Now she has changed to “Meag G, Mrs. Good ~If Ya Nasty”. However, it’s still unclear when she made changes.

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Recently, Good has been concentrating on upcoming projects. It came to public attention when she appeared on ‘The Real’.

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Image credit: Pinterest

Good shared with the co-hosts, “It’s been amazing like so many translations. Projects that I prayed for, just a healthy transition, just taking a moment to really take everything in and get myself, my spirit, my soul ready for 40 and it’s been a whirlwind with the show and the movies. It’s crazy. It’s a blessing.”


Wynnette I’m with Megan on this one. I grew up in a small Pentecostal church and we won new converts with our compassion and love. They changed willingly because of the love shown towards them. As a new Christian, I don’t think Megan got a chance to experience that. Through her husband, she was exposed to a mostly mega church, celebrity centered church experience due to what I feel was her husband’s need to be in the spotlight. In my Christian walk, I have learned that when you develop genuine relationships and fellowship with other believers, you eventually change. It was kind of hard for Megan to develop those relationships in the “Christian” environments she was placed in. Let’s just pray for her sis. I want her to stay in the flock.

Deborah So happy for her! Especially after he posted that pic! That’s all I needed! I GET IT NOW Meagan!

Norah I am happy Megan is moving on. I wish her well. There is someone for her in time. Good for Devon to remove that pic of himself. I wish him well.

Patrick Miller I feel the same way Ms Good does. Know who Jesus is and how God moves in our lives

Alesia Honestly, Megan is petty and need to heal without social media. She’s something else in my opinion. Oh well!

Lynn Good Luck Megan on your journey Being single again. It is not so much what we do that matters as what we are. Though what we do usually reflect what we are “.

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