‘I Gave You My Heart, Now I Give You My Last Name.’: Stepdad Surprises 10-Year-Old Daughter With Adoption News At School – Video

Five years ago, Myke Rousell met a woman named Sarah, and they started dating. Both of them had children from their previous relationships. So, it wasn’t hard to adjust to the newly blended family. Camryn, Sarah’s daughter, got along with her step-dad Myke well. They had so much in common. Big or small, Myke never missed a single moment in the child’s life.

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When Camryn turned 7, she asked Myke if she could use his last name, and when he said yes, she was so happy. She used ‘Rousell’ after her name everywhere except school, where they would only use her legal last name. Myke asked Sarah if he could adopt Camryn, and she agreed. It took them three years but, in 2021, the family finally got all the formalities done and was ready to share the happy news with Camryn, who was now ten years old.

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Myke and Sarah decided to surprise her by showing up at her school, carrying signs announcing that she was officially a ‘Rousell.’ When Camryn walked down the hall, her excitement knew no bounds, and when Myke lifted her in his arms, she br-oke down.

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On seeing his daughter cry, Myke couldn’t hold back his tears either. He went on to say that adopting Camryn was a promise he made that he would always be there for her no matter what and would love her unconditionally and did not come into her life by ac-cident.

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Myke shared some words to his fellow step-parents – “I understand what it feels like to go to baseball games and to go soccer games, and feel like a third wheel a lot of times. But you show up anyway.

I want you to know that you are appreciated. You are valued, and you are making a difference in these kids’ lives. Our babies cannot have enough people in their corner.”


Richel FabroaA very kind hearted man only not giving his name but giving who he really he is to this young lady, congratulation sir for showing us love no boundaries

MarianneAww. My husband adopted my daughters and proudly gave them his last name. One thing he said we are having a child of our own and I want them to have my last name as well. No division in the home. I am their dad!

Barry This melted my heart. This is so sweet. It’s nice to know that LOVE still is exist in some people rather than race.

I am also a stepmom. And I love my step daughter like she was my own.

Belle Love is REAL. I just became a step parent but they are my babies no matter who birthed them. What he said is truth these kids can never have enough people in their corner, the more love and support they get from their families the more they thrive. That is why we do it after all.

Debbie Aww , I love this video. What a blessing! There are so many children that need love. I would love to meet a man with children that need a positive, loving role model in their life.

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