‘I Consider Myself Black’: Paris Jackson Responds To Criticism And Insists She’s African-American Because Her Father Michael Always Told Her She Was.

Paris Jackson has claimed herself as an African American because her father Michael Jackson always told her she was. In an interview reveal-all she shared on contemplation the King of Pop, Michal was not her biological dad and how he always told her to be proud of his roots. Paris, 18 years old, mostly looks like those of a Finnish girl but when asked she always considers herself black, and said, “I consider myself black.” The rising actress told Rolling Stone Magazine her father often points his fingers towards her and says, ‘You’re Black.

Be proud of your roots”.

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I’d be like, ‘OK, he’s my dad, why would he lie to me?’ ”So I just believe what he told me. Cause, to my knowledge, he’s never lied to me. ”Most people that don’t know me call me white. I’ve got light skin and, especially since I’ve had my hair blond, I look like I was born in Finland or something.” But she also claims that she has been a mixed-race child which resembles her appearance with TV actor Wentworth Miller who also has a black father and a white mother. There has been huge speculation of the teen’s hereditary line because of the change in the appearance of father and daughter.

Michael Jackson onto the stage as a young Black African singer in the Jackson Five. During his career, he went through a multitude of operation, which resulted in changes in his skin pigmentation to a much pale white.

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Paris and Michael’s other children are familiar with the doubts about him being their biological father but furiously oppose the suggestion. She said, ‘He is my father,’ to Rolling Stone’s Brian Hiatt. ‘He will always be my father. He wasn’t, and he will not be. ‘People that knew him well say they see him in me, that it’s almost scary.’ Paris said growing up she didn’t know she had a living mother but they reconnected when she was 13 and again at 16 when she was receiving treatment. But she maintains she never sought a maternal figure.

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‘I’ve had a lot of mother figures. But by the time my mom came into my life, it wasn’t a ‘mommy’ thing. It’s more of an relationship.’ Paris and her siblings grew up on their dad’s 2,700-acre California estate, which featured an amusement park, zoo, and movie theater. But she claims that her childhood was just like an ordinary kid and they weren’t allowed to go on the rides whenever they wanted to. ‘We had school every single day, and we had to be good. ‘And if we were good, every other weekend or so, we could choose whether we were gonna go to the movie theater or see the animals or whatever.’

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‘But if you were on bad behavior, then you wouldn’t get to go do all those things,’ she said. According to Paris, “Regardless of being inflexible his daughter was black, and was more unprejudiced regarding suggestiveness in Neverland.” ‘My dad raised me in a very open-minded house,’ she said.

‘I was eight years old, in love with this woman on the cover of a magazine. ‘Instead of yelling at me, like most homophobic parents, he was making fun of me, like, ‘Oh, you got yourself a girlfriend.’

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‘His number-one focus for us, besides loving us, was education.’ Paris also insists that her King of Pop father was eliminate in the no-holds-barred interview. She also opened up how she after that tried to commit self-destruction multiple times after being r-ed as a teenager. Paris said, ”He would drop hints about people being out to get him, and at some point, he was like, ‘They’re gonna eliminate me one day.”

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She: recalled, “It’s obvious. All arrows point to that. It sounds like a total conspiracy theory and it sounds like falsehood, but all real fans and everybody in the family knows it. It was a setup. It was false.”

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In 2009, Paris was 11-years-old, when Jackson lost his life from cardiac ar-rest due to a serious combination of prescription medecine. Paris also opened up how she was forced as a teen and shared her struggles with powder use and surviving ‘multiple’ self-destruction. She said when she was 14, a ‘much older complete stranger’ carnally spank her. Paris was coiled into the depths of melancholy.

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Jen She actually does resemble Michael’s sisters, in terms of her facial structure. She doesn’t have her mother’s features at all, aside from coloring.

Jordie People saying about Michael changing his skin colour. It was not his choice. He had vitiligo and got really insecure about it so he started to bleach it. Hence why he wore the glove and plasters on his fingers

Steph People are retarded af they have taken the whitest picture of her and postest on this thread if you see her instagram and you see all her pictures you can tottally tell shes mixed !!

Julie This is the problem. Who cares what colour, religion or gender you are unless you want to use one of these elements to have an advantage, or disadvantage, over another member of the human race. We should all be “judged” on our abilities, humanity etc etc. by our behaviour.

Jackie She is gorgeous. Does a person’s skin color matter? No. I think what she is identifying with most of all his her relationship with her father, and the bond they shared.

Love the skin you are in.

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