Guy Forgot To Change His Address In His Chipotle App And It Resulted In The Sweetest Exchange

Shahid Davis had ordered dinner from the Chipotle app and was checking on the map to see how far away the driver was when he realized that the driver was half a continent away. Davis had been staying at a hotel in Iowa the last time he ordered, and he forgot to go back and change the delivery address to his home in Hagerstown, Maryland.

He contacted Chipotle, but the customer service person told him they couldn’t do anything since it was already out for delivery.

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So when the delivery person texted Davis to let him know they were there, he explained what happened. “I’m here with your order,” the person texted. “Take it with you bro and enjoy the lunch,” Davis responded. “I forgot to change my address, and I am currently in Maryland.” “Umm…okay thanks,” the person responded. But then a short while later, he sent another message that made Davis win thousands of hearts.

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“I wanted to thank you again. It’s my brother’s birthday today, and he is laid to rest not far from where you had me take this delivery. I’m having lunch with him today because of you. You have no idea how much that means to me. I truly appreciate it,” the text read. In a conversation with Upworthy, Davis said, “I felt like I made an impact in his life even though I don’t know the person’s name or anything about them.

But it doesn’t matter at the end because I did something to help brighten his day up!” Davis’ Facebook story has been shared more than 100,000 times since he posted it on Sunday, and people in the comments appreciated him for his kind deed. One commenter wrote, ” Just proves that you never know what someone is dealing with and how a kind gesture may impact their life.”

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