Teenage Sweethearts Forced To Split After Parents Disapproved Of Mixed-Race Romance Get Married 39 Years Later

Two teenage lovers have finally reunited after 39 years of separation due to their parent’s dislike of their mixed-race relationships. The story began in the 1970s, when Penny Umbers was 16 years old she found the love of her life Mark Bethel. The couple first met in a flight from Nassau in the Bahamas to Nottingham.

The 17-year old Mark flew to attend the Trent college public school in Nottingham, while Umbers studied in a private school nearby. Later, the pair went on to pursue their higher education in different London universities.

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And after some period, While Mark was studying Travel and tourism management, Umber’s father visited him and ordered him to cut off his relationship with his daughter. According to Birmingham live report, Umbers’ fathers coerced Mark to leave his daughter by menacing to take away his scholarship, affirming he knows people in higher positions to help him carry out his discriminatory views. Even Mark’s own parents were also against his relationship with Umbers, as she was a white girl. They too disapproved their relationship and even withdraw Mark’s financial support.

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Mark explained he was totally relying on his scholarship and he didn’t have much power in a foreign country that was nearly 300 miles away from his home. Consequently, he was dragged down to make the hardest decision of his life. Mark stated it was the most heart-br-eaking decision of his life and that too he had to call for it in isolation. Finally, after ending his relationship with Umber, he completed his degree. But Umber, On the other hand, has dropped out of college. After that they both had different sorts of lifestyles, Mark was busy running hotels all around the world and Umbers had got married and di-vorced two times.

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Although they both went different ways, they never forgot about each other. Mark says he always used to look out for Umbers but as her name changed due to her marriages it was impossible to find her. And after years in 2019, Mark succeeded in finding his love again. As Mark was scrolling through social media, he found a picture of a woman, he thought it could be Umber. So he messaged and asked is that Penny? And it turned out the woman was actually Penny Umbers.

Finally, they both discovered each other but due to the COV-19 epidemic, they cannot meet each other. They had to wait for another 18 months because of the travel protocols imposed during the epidemic.

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After everything was all set, the couple met each other in June 2021. Umbers flew to the Bahamas and after nearly 40 years they both reunited on the island of Providence in the Bahamas. Umbers said,” there was that feeling of reuniting. However, it seems like we both hadn’t changed one bit.” And earlier this month Mark proposed Umbers, and the couple has decided to write a book “Thirty-Nine Years in the Wilderness “to cast light on their love story. Despite the mixed-race issues Umber has decided to move to the Bahamas. She says it was a big step because there were only a few mixed-race couples living in the Bahamas. After withstanding all the hardships and challenges in their life, the couple are now looking forward to a happy and great future, with Umbers expressing how she has ‘never loved anyone the way she loves Mark’.

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