Law Graduate Treats Pudding Vendor As Her Father, Finally Found Him And Said, ”Dad, You Have A Lawyer Now”

Alex Castro, a law graduate student at the University of Philippines-Diliman developed a special bond and friendship with a soy pudding vendor “Tatay Dong”, while she was studying. Years passed and things have changed, Alex has become a layer but she still remembers the kindness of her Tatay Dong, he always holds a special place in her heart.

Last week, Alex finally returned to the campus to meet her Tatay Dong who is more like a father to her.

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Alex who has come from a br-oken family expresses her gratitude and love for the man through a heart-warming social media post who has cared for her when she studied at UP-Diliman. When she first began studying at the university, she used to meet the soy pudding vendor during her morning classes. He used to sell soy pudding outside the building and Alex often chat with the friendly vendor. And when Tatay Dong came to know that Alex would skip breakfast before attending the class, he was heartbr-oken. So every morning he waits for her and offers a fresh cup of soy pudding before her classes began.

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He considered her as his own daughter and was very protective of her. One rainy day, Tatay Dong gave Alex an additional parcel along with the fresh cup of Soy pudding. Alex wrote on social media, “When I unpacked the parcel it was your jacket. The jacket that you have been wearing the previous morning and the morning before that, it was your only jacket… And when I tried to return it, you said, ‘‘Nilabhan ko na ‘yan, ‘Nak. Iyo na ‘yan, ( I have already washed the jacket child. It yours)’” Alex was so touched by his kind gesture. So, she brought him a new jacket to repay his kindness.

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Tatay Dong was very proud of the gift, he told everyone that his daughter presented him the brand new jacket. Alex further added, “you were a big part of my UP journey. I always remember you when I think about UP” After her graduation, Alex was busy practicing to become a lawyer, but she always remembers him. However all the longings came to an end last week, Alex went back to see her Tatay Dong, but he wasn’t there in the spot where he used to sell soy pudding every day.

And luckily, his friend was there and he informed Tatay Dong that Alex has come back to visit him.

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On hearing that, Tatay Dong was so happy and he immediately rushed there to see her. And finally, Alex told Tatay Dong the words that he has been waiting to hear for years, “Tay, may abogado ka na ( Father, you have a lawyer now) He replied, “Do you know, I still have the jacket that you gifted me, sometimes I wore it and I remember you. I often wonder about how you are. And finally, you are a lawyer now.”

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Alex was ecstatic on telling those words to her Tatay Dong whom she always considered as her father.

“I want to be like him when I grow up – something I never had the opportunity to say about my own father,” she said. The heart-warming post caught the eyes of several people on the internet. It motivates everyone to be kind in every walk of their life. Always be kind and humble to everyone you enc-ounter in your life.”– you may never know, your kindness can present you with a special bond.

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