Homeless Man Who Returned Woman’s $4K Engagement Ring Finds New Home, Says ‘I Feel Human Now’ – Video

When Sarah Darling fortuitously dropped her engagement ring along with a few coins into the cup of a 55-year-old homeless man in Kansas City called Billy Ray Harris, little did he know that the ring would have his entire life changed.

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Harris was first tempted to sell it but, his heart didn’t let him do that. Within a few days, he returned the ring to Sarah, who was moved by his kind act. He said, “I am not trying to say that I am no saint, but I am no devil either.”

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Sarah and her husband Billy Krejci were impressed by Harris’s honesty. They wanted to do something to help him. They decided to raise funds so that he could lead a normal life. The couple set up a fund page to help him. Sarah said, “We set it up because a lot of people who had been touched by the story expressed interest in helping Harris.”

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Within three months, they were able to collect $190k with the help of netizens. Harris was finally able to build a house for himself and buy a car. He also found a part-time job for himself. Harris is now able to make enough money to make his ends meet. The best part is that he was able to trace his family and reunite with them.

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In a conversation with TODAY, Harris said, “When I think of the past, I think, thank God that it is over. I mean, I feel human now.” He said that people who once dropped coins in his cup now come up to him to appreciate his honesty.

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Sarah, who now has a one and half-year-old daughter say, she wants to introduce her daughter to Harris and wants her to know about him and his honesty.

Image credit: Sarah Darling

Sarah also said that she and her husband were happy to have done something to help Harris bring back his life on track and thanked the people who came together to change his life.


Mercy Very good video make me cry…Congratulations to him with his family reunion. God blessed him and his family.

Annette Let’s all remember there’s a good in each and everyone of us.

There’s a reason why we’re all commenting/watching this story. It’s a reminder that we’re all blessed so never lose hope regardless of the situation you maybe in. Stay safe out there and stay blessed. I hope and pray all of your struggles gets resolved soon. Love,Care,blessings

Jeffery I say that he’s a really good and sweet man. I say what Billy did, he really deserves. That’s really sweet of what he did. Other than selling it just to get a little bit of money, returning it to the actual owner. Got him some good money, a home, and finally reuniting with his family, he hasn’t seen in over 16yrs. Sad what he and his family had to go through for 16yrs. They’ve got a lot of catching up to do. His niece and nephew finally get to meet their Uncle they’ve never met before. Even though I don’t know him, glad that he’s finally found his family, and they found him.

Lewis I’d like to know how I became homeless in the first place I love these homeless people have families

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