Heartwarming Moment Customer Gives Struggling Waiter A £250 Tip – Causing Him To Bu-rst Into Tears. – Video

Maurice Green was dining with his family when he observed their waiter, Johnny, appeared to be having difficulties. Instead of failing to acknowledge the young man, Maurice approached him and inquired about his name. He then continued to ask about his day, claiming that he thought Johnny was having a difficult time. The waiter is apprehensive of where their highly in timate talk is going, as you can see in the video below.

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Maurice adds, “I’m going to give you your tip right now.” He then hands the waiter a $100 bill after giving the young guy the receipt with his tip. Their server expresses his gratitude to the man, clearly affected. He further claims that the kindness only served to help him pay off his automobile. “I see you’re working extremely hard, and I see you’ve had a rough day,” Maurice observes. “So God commanded me to help you.”

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While wiping his eyes, Johnny continues to express his gratitude to the family. However, the huge surprise isn’t quite complete. Maurice grabs another $100 from his wallet and delivers it to Johnny. Maurice does it again a few seconds later!

Image Credit: universityfox.com

“We can do better than that, here’s another $100,” Maurice adds as he hands another note to the sh-ocked waiter. That’s when Johnny b-ursts into tears, absolutely moved by the stranger’s compassionate deed.

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